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Cheers is an American sitcom that ran for eleven seasons between 1982 and 1993. The show was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles.


Seriously! #8 what a joke. How I met your mother is in the top ten? Who made this list? Obviously people with no since of humor. Friends was one of the most overrated shows ever and most of the shows in the top ten use the same jokes over and over again and people are too stupid to figure it out. Seinfeld should definitely be #1 and then Cheers. If you like cartoons then The Simpsons is OK for #3. The Office and Modern Family are great and original in their own way. That 70s Show was also great and original. All other shows on the list should never be mentioned again... Ever!

Cheers is the best sitcom of all time. It is maintains a consistency of tone and caliber from the first episode to the last, and offers the viewer precisely the mental escape it offers the bar's clientele. If you're feeling anxious or stressed, watch just one cold open and the theme song - you will feel better, and you will smile.

Cheers and Seinfeld are the best sitcoms ever! You know why? Because they kept it funny throughout their entire tenure. No serious stuff ever cropped up in the latter years that was the downfall of a lot of the other sitcoms like the Cosby Show, Roseanne, etc... Keep it funny always! That's why they call it a sitcom ya big dummy!

Just finished the 11 season series that my husband owns on DVD. ! Loved it. I was pretty upset when I realized it was over :( I watched it over the last few months and would turn it on every time I had a chance! I wish they would still have shows on with the witty humor and clean context.

Cheers is number one on more lists than any other because it was the first to mix comedy with a running theme (like a soap opera) and great character development. The jokes weren't as funny as Seinfeld but Seinfeld never made you cry. Cheers elicited more emotions than any other sitcom. That was it's appeal.

Cheers inspired so many great sitcoms. It is way better than Friends and The Bug Bang Theory which are ranked higher. Cheers is widely unappreciated today and should be discussed more. Many sitcoms would not exist today without Cheers.

Being born in 1986, I only saw this show I'm syndication. I remember my dad loving this show. I was too young but id watch and I always will remember the theme song. Being an adult nowvand having watched it I get it. Very well written and funny shows. Love the actors, a few that starred in their own show. Like the spin off Frasier for example, is on this list.

Brilliant characters and brilliantly cast actors. What the hell is it doing down here?

though I love friends and others in the list. cheers should be number1

Clever but not in a stupid way. Easy to bond with the characters too. Besides, everybody knows your name... Especially NORM.

Such a great sitcom, every character is gold and has hilarious moments! Should be top 10 for sure!

Much better than number 11, especially in the Sam and Diane years

It starts with the best team tune of any sitcom and just gets better from there.

Best ever in my book! Although I have to admit, Shelly was better than Kirstie...

Best of all time! I love friends, but Cheers is an entirely different league! This should be number 1.

Cheers is magical, the best sitcom of all time. Nothing makes me happier than watching Cheers!

Idiots vote on this lists fresh price of bel air is ranked ahead of the greatest sitcom ever

Cheers is undoubtedly the best sitcom ever those who didn't vote for it didn't see it.

Great actors and actress's with many very good episodes.

Yea, whoever wrote this top ten list needs a major sitcom-history lesson! Amen!?

People are biased towards new shows, because they never got the chance.

If it was a current show it would be top 10 and you'd agree if you watched it.

Cheers not being in the top 5 is an injustice

Friends is the only thing that beats this. I voted cause 8 was too low

What a loved show! Can you believe it nearly got canceled so early!