Eminent Boston Psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, last seen gracing the bars of Cheers has left his life there to start afresh in Seattle. He now has a spot as a popular radio Psychiatrist, giving him the chance to spread words of wit and wisdom to the masses. He shares his apartment with his retired cop father, Martin, and his father's physical care assistant, Daphne Moon. Add in brother Niles, Eddie the dog, some bizarre situations and plenty of humour and you've got all the ingredients for an excellent show and worthy successor to Cheers.

The most intelligent, sophisticated sitcom of all time. What made it really work was its ability to contrast high and low humor. The best seasons were probably 1-5 where the Frasier character was more masculine, regular guy relative to the Niles character. Once the Frasier character, in later years, took on more of the Niles character's persona the contrast and a lot of the humor was lost. The timing of Niles and Daphne marrying also diminished the show's most comedic tension. Overall, still the best sitcom to ever air.

This is undoubtedly the best show that I have watched to date. It is a combination of unique but relatible characters and extremely clever writing that is rare in television shows nowadays. Its episodes offer light-hearted entertainment through the wittiest lines but also bring audiences on an emotional journey through experiences that offer morals in love, family and life that is still applicable tens of years after the show has ended. Having watched all eleven seasons for 5 times, I recommend this series to everyone. This is the show that I always go back to and I enjoy every moment of it.

This is an incredible show with a witty sense of humor. The characters are simply a perfect combination which created a show that will surely have a special place in the hearts of those who have seen it, or will see it. You will not only have a good laugh but will surely learn a lot especially when it comes to your relationships with your family or people closest to your heart.

Most probably the greatest comedy ever shown on television. A spin off from Cheers, Frasier way surpases it's predecessor. Whith four time emmy winners Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce, lets not forget winning Best Television Sitcom Emmy five years in a row! Whats not to love!

This is so much better than Scrubs, Friends, and Seinfeld combined. Frasier is awesome. So sophisticated yet hilarious. I know a lot of kids don't like this show, But I'm an exception. Martin is my Favorite. And BTW Scrubs sucks and is overated. FRASIER IS AWESOME!
- RHCPfan

Its hard to imagine that you can fall in love with two main characters of the show who hardly follows a standard of the leads in show these days. Yet the story of friendly and loving feud between the two psychiatrist brothers will remind you of something that you might have shared with your sibling, no matter how different you both are from the characters. This show is as refreshing and as genuine as Seinfeld was.

How can a show this elegant, smart, intelligent, insightful be ranked so low? I place this above the overrated Seinfeld that is filled with intentionally and forced-to-be-cocky characters be rated above Fras... Jerry Seinfeld couldn't act for nuts. Even Eddie of Fras acted better.

Frasier in the most insightful and sophisticated sitcom ever.

Frasier is brilliant! An acquired taste, I know, but once you're in, you'll never be able to stop laughing. Thank you, Warner Brothers, and thank you, Kelsey Grammer, for making one of the funniest and most underrated sitcoms of all time! Oh, how I wish it was still running. But the Big Bang Theory takes some beating. As does Red Dwarf. - PositronWildhawk

Frasier is the first adult T.V. sitcom I ever watched, I was 12. I am now 20 and I still love ever single minute of it! Brilliant characters, great jokes, and cute life lessons told through the most endearing of characters ever to hit television. My favorite show of all times!

It was a bit more intellectually-oriented in most cases, and explored more complex aspects of relationships, but also had the necessary slapstick comedy to keep it funny. It seems that Grammer and Pierce will never be able to match their success that they had on this show, and their chemistry was superb!

A lot of people say that only smart people watch Frasier. That is probably why whoever isn't voting for Frasier is a Dumbass - RHCPfan

It's a perfect combination of low brow and high brow humor. You feel smarter just by catching some of the wittier jokes, and you don't mind indulging in some of the simpler laughs. Drama is introduced in a very realistic way, and there's always a character for the audience to relate with.

I first watched it when i was 17, i am now 27 and i still think it is the best sitcom ever. I have never laughed so hard with anything else in my life, incredibly written, congradulations to the writers.

Frasier offers a humor that is not understood by all but by far delightful. The mixture between family values, personal sacrifice and bulls eye humor is irreplaceable. I have watched all 11 seasons 5 times and I will watch them again with pleasure.

Frasier is uniquely different from all other sitcoms. It is clever and hilarious! The show's writers are the best. Their wit and insight is this show's true strength. It will have a shelf life for years to come!

Frasier's humor was varied and intelligent. It brought class to American sitcoms and set the standard. It had brilliant actors and plot points. Sure, seasons 10-11 are boring at times, but seasons 1-9 are gold. It had slapstick, farce, literary allusions, everything-- and it was always funny.

I love the other sitcoms voted in this list, but for me Frasier is the best one by far.

The quality of the actors and the exquisite humor, makes this show unmissable.

The best sitcom ever for the cerebral. The humor is sophisticated and the writing is fantastic. The whole series is now available on Netflix, watch it in its entirety.

Witty dialogues and a very talented cast makes frasier the best and the most sophisticated sitcoms of all time. The perfect combination of intellect and humour.

Probably the best sitcom ever, witty, clever, interesting and even today it's still a breath of fresh air from those mediocre and shallow sitcoms broadcast today.

This show needs to be in the top five at least. I think maybe a lot of people can't appreciate it because you have to have a brain to understand it. It is and always will be awesome in my eyes.

The gold standard. Seinfeld already looks archaic, trapped in the cultural mores of 90's New York. Friends was and remains a funny soap opera, expertly done. Frasier will be watched and laughed at 100 years from now.

I have seen the complete 11 seasons for 5 times, and I cannot find any sitcom that can substitute Frasier, it is brilliant, sophisticated humour that focus on many aspects of life in general.