Most successful T.V. Show of all time period. Also the best sitcom of all time too, it really defined the way America was in the mid 90's and 2000's, it probably is the biggest T.V. Show of all time, it may not be your best show as a preference, but no one can deny its deep cultural influence, possibly english civilization would not be the same if it was not for freinds. Shows like the big bang theory, how I met your mother, even two and a half men would of not existed if it was not for Friends, it broke the mold in what sitcoms were

You can't watch an episode of this show and NOT LAUGH! it's the greatest thing that was ever on television. Even serious episodes made the viewer laugh hysterically at the few phoebe buffay lines, or chandler's gay tendencies, or ross's fossils, or joey's stupidity, or monicas cleanliness, or rachel's "i don't care attitude". every episode was entertaining and it has to be the best sitcom

Best show ever... It makes me laugh every time I watch it... Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joe and Rachel, all the characters are smartly written and played... LOVE IT!

Friends is simply the best show of all time. It was and probably it will be forever. Cause the show it wasn't just about comedy and jokes, there was also emotion, the characters care about each other, and we care about them, there was romance, and one story for all show, and a long time ago that we don't watch a show with that, and this is what makes a success sitcom, Cause we need to connect with the characters life, and Friends got that. Cause even with all that emotional story they still could make us laugh A LOT... Although the actors are just great, and made it a perfect job.

PS: I already memorized every single world, but every time I watch them, I LMFAO!

L.O.V. E>-<F.R.I.E.N.D. S

Friends was definitely the best sitcom of all time. It was the perfect combination of laugh-out-loud funny moments, heart-warming storylines, and lovable characters who you could actually care about. It also had the best sitcom couple of all time -- Chandler & Monica. You so often hear T.V. writers say that there's some kind of "rule" that you can't keep a couple together and keep them interesting, but the writers of Friends did just that for six years without putting them through endless cycles of breaking up and getting back together.

The characters are so easy to relate to. It makes you feel you are apart of the show. Better still it is the funniest show of all time! I love Monicas insanity, Ross's geekiness, Pheobes quirkiness, Chandlers funny ass hell jokes, Rachels lovability and Joeys arogance. This is a priceless show and I don't know what I would do without it. Give this a thumbs up if you want a friends movie!

When I was in elementary school I loved this show so much that I slowly saved up and bought every season (I was in elementary school so you can imagine how long it took me to get them with practically no money back then) and have watched every episode countless times without a disc skipping. This show is amazing and inspired me to continue to expand my sitcom collection because I realized how much I loved sitcoms in general. No show will ever beat this in my eyes (including non-sitcom shows) and thanks to it I now enjoy a wide variety of sitcoms in my collection. I never would have found my love for comedy or sitcoms if not for this show and I thank it every time I'm watching it or any other show from my collection.

Friends wasn't really appropriate for elementary school students because it had adult content, it wasn't a family show like some shows, but overall it was the best for so many people. - nelsonerico

Friends is the ultimate show. Once you watch it once, you must watch the next episode. Has everything, laughs, tears, emotion and suspense. You can watch the whole series over and over again and it never ever gets old. It is the best T.V. show of all time and it makes you want to be a part of it. Also has the best ending to a classic show or classic anything I have ever seen. Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, Chandlers jokes, Ross's sarcasm, Pheobe's weirdness, Joey's charming immaturity, Rachel's hotness, Monica's competitiveness and the over all chemistry of the cast and characters are what makes this the best production ever known.

It has to be the funniest comedy of all time, I can watch it over and over again and not be bored, I even know the words to each line, but it is still so funny I can keep watching it. The actors are very good and have a bond that makes the programme seen real, you would never be able to tell that is is all a set. It is just an amazing programme, and they should make a movie.

Another masterpiece which although, labeled as a Seinfeld clone by many created a massive following for itself and gave us some of the most loved characters on Television. Six friends sitting at the Central Park café in New York captured the hearts of millions of T.V. audience. Be it the Rachael-Ross on and off romance, Monica's obsession about cleanliness, Chandler's twisted sense of humor, Phoebe's weird habits or Joey's silly yet cute antics, Friends was a rage! The title song of the show by the Rembrandts I'll be there for you.. Was a major hit as well. Friends ran into ten seasons and left people craving for more.

Ross and Monica Geller, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay and Rachel Green Perfect Combination. I watch it everyday before I sleep. You wont get tired of it its not only the punchline that is great its how they deliver every joke.

This series has it all. So many sitcoms are just funny. Friends is a million times more than that. Things like Ross and Rachel's first kiss, Phoebe giving up her babies, Monica and Chandler falling for each other hit you like any good, soppy movie. The honestly of everything about this show always hits me. The characters are full of heart and you honestly wish the best for them. The plots are original and, of course, the show is absolutely hilarious, every moment.
Ten years of their lives, ten years of ours. Never gets old. - rubyxxox

Friends really is the best series ever. It always stuck in my heart and during tough moments like when I had a bad dream due to a horror movie I saw earlier, I turn on Friends and it makes me feel safe. I can say that I saw the series for more than 10 times, and I laugh, smile, cry so much with it that I can't even explain. If someone were to ever ask me 'what is perfection? ' I'd say It's this series. It is one of the best things that exist, not sitcoms, ALL THINGS! FRIENDS are the best!

I recently began to watch the whole 10 seasons! And I am crazy about it. I'm 20, and I normally don't like "old" shows.. But with friends its different, it doesn't matter if the series began when I was 3 I just cannot stop laughing when I see it! I know understand why is that everyone I know is in love with the show

Absolutely love Friends. When I was in Iraq, I didn't have much to choose from to watch, so I just watched every season of Friends over and over again. As soon as one season came out on DVD I would get it. I must have seen every episode of friends over 100 times. I know that sounds crazy, but I just couldn't get enough. I don't think anybody knows more about Friends than I do. I was so sad when Friends ended. Sure there are other great sitcoms out there, but Friends is by far the best.

Friends has simply been a comic version of our more serious lives and it has most importantly taught many that life is only as serious as we presume it to be. Take things lightly and you can almost have your ecstasy that you would have derived from your ideal utopian dream life even if you are an unsuccessful actor, a control freak fat pig, a spoilt brat, a typical geek, a jubilant psycho-freak dreamer or... Well... Chandler.
I now laugh at my faults and express my modestly ridiculous thoughts not afraid of what others think. And one can only do that when one has his or her group of " F R I E N D S "

Friends is a well done, well acted, well directed and scripted sitcom that can appeal to any audience at any time. It is truly a masterpiece of comedy. It not only wields this comedy and humor as well as any, but manages to pull along sincerity, and meaning as well. Great, great show.

Friends was the best comedy show, but not for families, the best shows should be the ones that are family oriented, have good dialogue, lots of comedy and good life learning lessons, Full House is one example of family comedy with good lessons and so is Modern Family, and family means all ages, loving T.V. -14 shows is like loving drugs and sex more than positive clean stuff that has little to no negative impact on your life. - nelsonerico

It was the best for adults, but not for families, Watch Modern Family or Full House. - nelsonerico

Modern Family isn't for families either, it's also a teen and adult show, but Full House is for families. - nelsonerico6

Friends and Full House aren't much different except for their age target and camera work. - nelsonerico

Simply the best show on earth. No sitcom could ever compare to the brilliance of friends. The characters are easy to relate to, because they are realistic, and hilarious. All of the main characters are likable as well which sets this show apart from others where some characters are used to be the subject of a joke because they are annoying or idiots. A huge congrats to every person who contributed to this fantastic show.

I know I should be voting for The Simpsons, but I consider that more of an animated comedy than a sitcom.

Seinfeld this, Seinfeld that. Honestly, it's not that funny. Friends was a far better show and while it may not instantly be thought of as the greatest sitcom of all time like Seinfeld is, it is a lot better when you think about it. Friends is a show that defines the '90s. Seinfeld sucked then, and it sucks just as much now. - Kyo

Friends is awesome. Scientifically proven to be the best sitcom ever. Every character is good for a reason. Ross is good for all the issues he gets into. Chandler has great jokes. Pheobe is funny at singing. Monica is funny because she is just argumentative. Rachel is pretty. Joey is class and very funny

No matter how many times you watch, you would still laugh like it's your first time watching the series. Friends made a historical landmark in the sitcom world!

Not only my favorite sitcom, but my favorite show too! Everything is perfect about it, the characters, the cast, their facial expressions, the jokes, everything. There are some pretty good shows out there, but none can compare to Friends. Choosing a favorite character is almost impossible. If you haven't seen this show then you are missing the greatest show of all time!

Friends is the best and I can proof it most people compare friends to how I met your mother well do you really believe that ted can be compared to Chandler or Barney to joey haha and Marshall to ross and don't get me started on the girls haha Lily and Robin vs Rachel Monica and Phoebe haha know do really believe that friends is not the best

Friends is honestly, and as a matter of fact, the best sitcom ever to be made, the humor was immature, but that didn't stop it from being the best sitcom, there was more family time, comedy, emotions and lessons than rude humor, but I agree about adult-only shows being negative, but some including Friends have some of the best moments of all T.V. shows, but if you want to watch an epic T.V. show that has more action than comedy, then Dr. Who and Breaking Bad are the ones. - nelsonerica