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341 Jessie

Seriously all the arguments against Jessie is that there are laugh tracks, that most sitcoms have and shouldn't bother you, and that it's racist, which is a really stupid excuse. Be glad that some shows feature a multiracial cast. Much people on this lists are just biased against teen sitcoms (I used to be too) and use nonsense argumentation because they won't admit that they're the ones who are childish and politically incorrect, not the shows. Now back to Jessie. Just seeing a little part of it I didn't like the show. But I have this with most shows. Starting to watch it on Netflix from the beginning, I found out how amazing this show is. The characters and their recurring jokes are genius, it reminds me of Everybody Loves Raymond, the storylines are good, the setting is nice and the themes are very varying, from having an argue on the playground or school projects to social inequality and the concept of succeeding in life. Jessie isn't my favorite sitcom but a top 10. Lowest on ...more - Sangam

I thought it was a good show, until there was racist content + there's laugh tracks

This is the newest and for me, the most funniest Show ever made by Disney Channel. It makes me wanna join the casts too! Hey Jessie!

Why would it be good when there's a laugh track bothering anyone who watches it.

Second to last good live-action show on Disney.

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