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Scrubs is something that, when I discovered it, caught me from the first moment. The best cast ever on any show ever made, the best script. This show has made me laugh, cry, feel helpless and really live with the characters, feeling their feelings and it's like I know them personally, as if they were all my buddies. That is pure greatness. I am no future teller, but I am almost certain that there will never be another show better than Scrubs. It is basically the best show ever made. I, and I don't say the "L" word often, but I really LOVE Scrubs. It deserves to be first!

JD is the best character ever created and bill lawrence is a genius for that. Also the characters and storylines surrounding him are almost perfect too. After watching every episode of scrubs you can't help but compare people in your own life to those in the sitcom. "My screw up" and "my lunch" are just insanely good! I could watch those two episodes countless times without getting bored. Each and every episode in all 8 series (not including 9 because it's not in the same league) is magnificently crafted for maximum impact and enjoyment, making scrubs one of the best shows ever.

Great characters, lovely and funny sentences, awesome sitcom. I love it. And it is very good, that it is not just for doctors, and another people from medical team!

The only show that made me cry and laugh all in 21min. One of the very few shows where I really cared about characters. Show that has, without the question, THE BEST selection of music that fits perfectly with the scenes. Show that made me cry when it was over just because it was over, no one died in the end. Lets just say, if there is a sitcom where characters would just make references to Scrubs (someone said Cougar town) I would watch it without the question.

Um this show is amazing and it deserves to be number one. It has the most developed plotline and the most genuine characters. Seriously this show has taught me so much about life. I LOVE it with every piece of my heart and it's one thousand times better than Modern Family and all those other shows that are way high up on the list, with the exception of How I Met Your Mother, which is just incredible. Nothing can ever and will ever beat Scrubs, and there I will always always love it so much.

The only sitcom I am able to watch and re-watch countless times and never get bored. Friends are good, but this is another league completely. No laugh track (don't you just hate it when someone wants to decide when to laugh for you), incredibly well-devised characters, just the right amount of serious real-life implications, the best show ever written.

Scrubs, for me, was more than just a sitcom. Yes, it was absolutely hilarious and kept me laughing all throughout it, but the memorable part were the stories. The characters. The show knew how to soften you up with some laughs and then wham hard with an emotional punch to your gut. But it never went too far, it knew its place. It made for a perfect balance that I love to this day.

I love even Season 9.

Scrubs has always provided the appropriate mixture of gags, daydreams, and gut wrenching sequences. Each episode is predictable, until that moment everything changes. The jokes are hilarious. The serious parts are deeply moving. The music always fits. Above all the writers manage to weave complex plots perfectly in the half an hour allotted.

Now I haven't seen all sitcoms listed in this top, but from those I seen, Scrubs is a fair, objective leader: story, characters, balance in silly jokes and serious life facts, it has got everything. Connections between the characters, their personalities, they play - this is perfect. Seriously - just perfect! Cheers

Scrubs might be the only masterpiece of a show. It had such a great way with its characters and plot and everything about it makes you happy. It had the ability to make you laugh at one moment and the next bawl on the ground. In the episode "My Finale: Part 2" I laughed so hard when Dr. Cox talked so fondly of J.D. with him right behind, and then cried when it showed his future. And in the episode "My Last Words" the way they work out all the music just amazingly like many other episodes. I cried and laughed then cried. I love scrubs more than I love my brothers, which is probably bad but hey it's true

Carla : Fine, I'll just go tell all your patients they're on their own because you're all to scared.
J. D : No, Carla, I'm a doctor, I should be the one to tell them.
Elliot : come on peeps, let's go kick some sick patient ass.
J. D : That, my friends, is one nerdy honky.
Turk : That's two.

scrubs = the best thing out since the dawn of time. sorry. but it should be number 1. as a matter of fact, what they should do is build a whole new website, and just have scrubs written across the middle, and people would have to pay to see it. thats how good scrubs is.

I don't know what "best" means, but Scrubs is the funniest most original and brilliantly conceived comedy show of all time. Watch any episode and marvel at the subtleties and nuances of real comedy. Plus, its crazy characters are utterly believable though seriously flawed.

Scrubs is a sleeper classic - begin on the first season and work your way through. You'll learn about the characters, the people, the situations and fall in love with everyone. The whole cast is fantastic and throughout the seasons, you'll laugh, cry and wish it wouldn't end.

I guess people haven't watched it--the funniest show ever, hands down. Way funnier than Friends. Skirts propriety all the time, tastefully, and is never vulgar. Some of the most poignant episodes about life and death you will ever see in a comedy.

Dr Cox and the Janitor alone made this show excellent. And the acting of the cast and direction is spot on. To me, no one in the main cast looked like they were acting, they just looked insane, which is what made this show so brilliant.

How is this show not top 10? Way better music, way bigger contrasts in characters, some of the saddest sitcom moments ever exist in this show. Should be no. 3 in my book after friends and Seinfeld only because of their age and pioneering

I'm absolutely in love with this show (ignoring season nine - it doesn't exist in my world)! I've SOBBED watching it, grown attached to each character, and laughed hysterically. It's script rivals Firefly!

This show is hilarious! Every episode is hilarious and filled with life lessons. Every single episode ending has a life lesson, but it's not a drama. It's a hilarious comedy that's good for everyone.

Scrubs should be number 1! no other show can match it. It's masterful combination of drama and comedy entertainment, morals,and even great songs. Scrubs is also hilarious! Scrubs 4ever!

The best of the best! Except for friends of course.. If it were for me I'd place friends, then scrubs, and then how I met your mother! Oh and also, best bromance in the history of television, jd and turk

The best :D brilliant writing, acting and comedy. In short every thing about this show is excellent and that's why I think it's the best sitcom ever. It's just unfair how it's so under appreciated

I love the fact that the storyline is not over the top,
The characters are well developed. There is no laugh track. There are laugh out loud scenes and there are scenes and sometimes entire episodes that are solemn. But you never get tired of it. Every episode is just great.
My thumbs up for Best Series of all time!

Scrubs is so much better than just a sitcom. I felt more of a connection woth the scrubs characters than I did with any other television series ever. I advise everyone to watch it as it teaches you a lot of lessons yet also makes you feel all the emotions present in a hardhitting drama and a comedy all rolled onto one magnificent show. Series 9 is terrible in comparison though, don't bother with that

What a show! A hilarious mix of comedy and emotions that anyone can relate to. Better still most episodes have a serious meaning to them at the end