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Four single friends -- comic Jerry Seinfeld, bungling George Costanza, frustrated working gal Elaine Benes and eccentric neighbor Cosmo Kramer -- deal with the absurdities of everyday life in New York City.


Head and shoulders above everything else! For most episodes each character had their own funny story line. The characters were so good that the actors have had problems getting subsequent work because they are so closely associated with those characters.

For me, Seinfeld is by far the best Sitcom of all Time. To be clear: I watched every single Friends-Episode and was absolutely stunned. A heart-warming 90s-Sitcom, that proved to be very successfull (in the commercial sense), funny, with great characters and everything you need to have some good comedy moments. To be clear: Friends is an awesome show too, but the last season(s) just weren't as good as the others. They didn't really feel "equal".

A few weeks later, I started watching Seinfeld. Now, I have watched approximately 145 Episodes and I can say, that this show is not only the greatest sitcom I have ever seen, but also one of my all time favorites. As we all know, this show's motto is "No hugging, no learning", which means, that it is the complete opposite to friends. The akward situations the four find themselves in, also proved to be just the correct course. Everyone can probably relate to some of their situations, but no one will ever say: "I ...more

I don't belong here if Friends is considered the best comedy ever. I'm sure I'm not alone. It's painful to see Sein at #2, but #2 behind Friends is sickening. Friends is so brain numbingly stupid. And that whole relationship with Schwimmer and Rachel - harr, harr, oh my god it's just so stupid.

Now, for real comedy, Sein was genius. Favorites might be when the four go their separate ways on the subway, or the Hamptons to see the breathtaking baby, George's heart attack, the Bubble Boy. Are they allowed to play the Puerto Rican parade episode anymore? Haven't seen that in years - when Pennypacker, Vandalay, and Varnsen all come together and forget that one needs to watch the "factory". So many epic shows.

Clever, Unpredictable, and Original. It shows how the human race truly is and takes the small things and makes them extremely funny. Probably the best sit-com of all time. It's so different from everything else. Most sit-coms like Friends, George Lopez, Big Bang Theory, etc. Are just the repetitive "*Witty comment* *laugh track*" over and over again, but Seinfeld was never like that from beginning to end. They stayed consistent and never ran out of ideas. Many shows copied them throughout the years, but failed to match *cough* Friends *cough* It will always be the best sit com on television.

There. Now that I've calmed down after seeing that, Friends, was chosen number one?!
Are you kidding me? It doesn't even make my top 15. To me, Cheers is number two. Friends? You've got to be kidding me! I almost puked after seeing that. Even shows like, Coach, Happy Days, Married With Children are better than Friends. Unbelievable! Seinfeld, Seinfeld, Seinfeld! THE BEST SITCOM EVER! And I don't care what anyone says but I LOVED the series finale! To hell with what everyone said.

Friends is simply not the best. It is unrealistic to how people actually behave. Life isn't all lovely. A major percentage of the world is actually selfish like the characters of Seinfeld. The characters of Seinfeld are not stereotypes, they don't play along with how the world goes. Friends is sickening and it feels so fake. It just doesn't make me laugh the way Seinfeld does. And Seinfeld has come up with just so many every day terms that we all use. Plus Seinfeld was created and aired 5 years before Friends was even conceived or contemplated. It has this originality that you just cannot find anywhere else. I even find Big Bang theory is far more original than Friends. The secondary characters of Seinfeld are just epic on how they act. It is and will always be the best Sitcom ever.

Seinfeld is just really a better situtation comedy than any other show I've seen. It doesn't waste time trying to pull your heart strings with unimaginitive drama like How I Met Your Mother or Friends. It's laugh out loud funny and will pick you up on your worst day. It has less main characters and star power than those shows as well. The humor is more genuine and packs a better punch than those shows. I still fell in love with the characters and winced when tragedy struck them. The brand of comedy in the show was revolutionary. Seinfeld just did more with less. I've never heard anyone quote Friends, and How I Met Your Mother rolls over the same catch phrases, running jokes, and plot lines so much that it's like watching the dryer at the laundry matt. Speaking of which, "It's signals Jerry, signals! "

I got to say that this list should go Seinfeld Everybody Loves Raymond, then kings of queens cuase these are the best 3 sitcoms of all time

#1 Seinfeld-its just amazing, how you can relate to everyday life with this show. I mean
no one will beat it ever

#2 Everybody Loves Raymond-frank with all of his "commits"lol and Raymond and robert are the best.

#3 kings of queens-doug is one oif the funnest - tubadude19

Every episode had something we could relate to especially if you lived in NYC. It is by far the best sitcom that is why it has the longest running reruns and it will continue for many years. I didn't like the finale. Jail? Come on. That was not funny. These people are making a killing on reruns. I know the Friends actors make $13M each right now (2012) on reruns and Gunter the part time coffee guy makes $500K a year. This was what the tour guide at Warner Bros. Told us. So can you imagine what Seinfeld is getting?

Friends number one? Are you kidding me? Friends is a pathetic, corny, pseudo-dramatic sitcom, it shouldn't even belong in the first ten, while OTOH Seinfeld is a masterpiece of PURE unadulterated fun, zero cheap corny pseudo-dramatic scenes! Gosh I just don't understand people, no wonder the world is a mess and it keeps getting worse and worse! Either Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm are the best work-of-art sitcoms ever, I guess CORNY/CLICHE will always triumph over pure genius and art!

I love friends but compared to Seinfeld it is easy laughs or basic comedy. Seinfeld changed comedy forever. The subjects and actors are still unrivaled. And I love friends, big bang, the office, Raymond and family guy. It is what it is. It was a sad day when it ended. The best example is, every body remembers the final episode. Now stop and try and think of other final episodes. That is the test I use on everyone with a 100% strike rate. It's actually amazing. Comedy series in general are the genre. Anyway cheers ay

Genius! I knew from talking with other fans that I had picked-up on much more than the average bear. Now, I'm watching the DVD sets with the option of all the little references pointed out and explained. , I caught a lot, but it's so bang, bang, bang, one on top of the other that I'm seeing how much I missed as well!
Try the option and see for yourself, how remarkably intelligent it was. We can only hope for a return one day or to find something as intelligent.

Best sitcom ever. The humor in this one is outstanding, the jokes are unique, the plot is superb, and the characters are probably the best mix out there. Great acting and wonderful line delivery throughout the seasons. If you haven't watched the series, you have missed the greatest sitcom ever produced. If you have watched the show, you'll know what I'm talking about.

No other sitcom has a structure like it and the replay value is never ending. The storyline (or the genius lack thereof) sticks to it's job: making people laugh instead of attempting to funnel in touching moments that ruin the flow of a typical sitcom. Never again will a sitcom pass down so many memorable one liners.

Seinfeld changed sitcoms forever. As cheesy as it sounds, seinfeld went too far, when most shows summed up the episodes with a nice ending, seinfeld took it to the next level and changed all of that. It's plots seemed to clash with each other and it was so realistic it didn't even have to make you laugh all the time. Seinfeld rules! - PotBellyPup

Extremely clever and extremely influential. The show might not seem that ground breaking to a young audience today, but there are elements from Seinfeld in almost every newer successful sitcom. The way Seinfeld treated what was then considered taboos, such as homosexuality and masturbation, was also the work of pioneers.

The only series that can relate to the groundbreaking changes introduced by it's airing is the monty python show. The difference between those two is the reachability. While monty python sort of stayed reserved for fans of intellectual humor, a comedy of ideas; seinfeld was revolutionary in terms of plot generators and intertwining story threads, a masterful balance of gags, the comedy of ideas as well as character-centered comedy types. Truly the best sitcom ever.

This was simply put a great comedy. It didn't have the emotional events that friends had, but I appreciate that in such a morbid comedy for its time. The characters are all flawed and are very self centered (think it's always sunny in Philadelphia) which makes for great awkward encounters and situations. Friends was more of a romantic sitcom. Two different shows, in my opinion I enjoyed Seinfeld much more.

Technically not the best sitcom, that would be Friends, which was slightly better, but still, Seinfeld was extremely funny and had lots of good humor and good characters, it was very worth watching, until the finale, Seinfeld had a disappointingly bad finale, whereas Friends had an awesome finale, which was the best for a comedy as a matter of fact, Seinfeld seemed like a twin to Friends, but not exactly as good or heartwarming as a matter of fact.

FRIENDS at number 1. Are you kidding?. Honestly I watched the full FRIENDS series several times and I loved the show but after that I watched SENFELD. Now I can not watch even a single episode of friends. I think people like friends because they get attached to the characters and fall in love with them. but in the case of SEINFELD it's purely humour and the magic of LARRY David and JERRY SEINFELD. this sow is incomparably the best sitcom ever aired.

Whereas "Friends" maintained a high level of mainstream cuteness, Seinfeld dared to reveal the darker side of quirkiness, creating many cult classics. Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine were far more memorable than any character on Friends, and the impact of Seinfeld on our culture is far greater than any residual cuteness left behind by Friends. There is no contest.

Seinfeld is number 1 without a doubt. Still is in our house. Watch reruns daily, and laugh allover again. No other show has given us so much fun. Love all the characters. Kramer was the bomb. I have a t-shirt with him on it from the show about the portrait made of him. Top comedy of all times. Can we have a reunion, please? No question THIS SHOW should be at the very top of this list

Paved the way for everything that came after it, INCLUDING Friends. So different than anything we saw before or after it, and didn't sell out to sappy romance. Was and still remains the greatest sitcom of all time, not to mention the numbers back it up. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, and the chemistry between the cast made that entire show. There would be NO Friends if Seinfeld had not paved the way for it.

Seinfeld is a timeless show that proves to be just as fresh and funny as it was twenty years ago. Friends is a fine show, but it has not aged nearly as well. I've seen every episode of both shows, and while both are funny, Seinfeld is the show that people will still reference 50 years from now as truly ground breaking comedy. Friends... not so much...

Friends is awful... Rachel and Ross could be the most annoying characters in T.V. history. Watching a patient on Thorazine would be more interesting than Ross' character... It's Seinfeld ALL the way... Only comedy that consistently makes me laugh out loud even after seeing the episodes numerous times... Not even close