That 70's Show


This show is a timeless classic. Each episode was outright hilarious and I don't think that any show could match it. Seeing the show end was hard for me because this was and still is my favorite show. I watch the reruns whenever they come on T.V.. This is the true #1 of sitcoms.

I was really bored one day so I was looking at random shows on Netflix, when I stumbled upon this beauty. That 70's show is truly amazing, and hilarious. I have seen every episode at least three times, and even though it went down hill by the fifth season I still loved every second of it. It is given enough credit than it is.

I get that this show didn't reach every demographic, but its simply a top 5 show just on writing and acting, ignoring ratings. It did reach syndication. What is most impressive about this show is that they had a winning formula since day one. I died laughing from episode one til the last. I'm writing to you from the afterlife.

When it ended I felt like my mother died (Okay maybe that's overkilling but still). Not only was it a wonderful idea that it should take place in the 70's, but it was just overall an awesome show, with strong characters and wonderful stories.

Best show ever. If this is not number 1 I'm going to shove my foot up someones ass. Love all the characters my favorite is kelso he is an idiot which makes it funny I wish they would have not canceled the show it was a master piece

One of THE MOST underrated sitcoms ever. It should be up there with Friends and Seinfeld instead of down here on Number 9. The characters are GREAT and the chemistry is real. I laugh out loud watching this show instead of the silent giggles I save for other sitcoms

OK when you think of a sitcom what can you think of other than a bunch of friends in high school doing crazy stuff. These actors/actress' made the experience, the story left you on the edge of your seat and every episode made you laugh your guts out. Between the circle scenes and Fez making some perverted remark, who has time to breathe?

I grew up with this show. From the pilot till the finale. I felt horrible when it ended. That 70's Show's cast ended up becoming family to me. Every time I watch the show's reruns I wish I were right there with the kids in Foreman's basement.

Hilarious show. The constant references to the issues of the 70's is really epic. Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace and Mila Kunis make the show even more special. To watch today's stars doing something so... Comical is pretty awesome.

Well I have to say I really love Scrubs or How I met your mother as well, but that 70's show has something very special that no other sitcom ever had. It is just perfect to me :) I could watch it again and again until the end of time.

4 guys who don't really know anything,1 girl who pretends to know everything and a hot chick. I don't know how but the show made me laugh like an ass throughout its 8 seasons. I watched all of them in like 2-3 months. This show gets you addicted in a good way

One of the best sitcoms of all time! Absolutely love the dumbness of Kelso and I absolutely love Hyde's character, he's such a cool guy! And to top it; there's Fez and Topher along with the divas Mila and Laura, indeed the best show I've ever seen!

Honestly, I even like this show more than friends. You can relate too all the characters and it never gets old. It's hilarious and has been my favorite show ever since it aired. And if you don't vote for this then you are a dumbass.

This show deserves number one, from season one to season seven, because season eight only had two good episodes (First and Last) but every other episode of the whole series was amazing. All the characters, plots stories, and everything.

It's hard to see it not around anymore. The show is nothing fancy but the actors made it fun for everyone. I'm in going in to high school this year and I hope my high school years are as fun as this show makes them look!

A sitcom about 6 teenagers living in wisconsin during the 70s. Eric Michael Donna Steven Fez and jackie. The show also stars Erics parents red and Kitty this show is a cool show and deserves to be on this list

Everything but the last season was pretty damn great, especially the five first seasons! A sitcom is worth gold if you can watch an episode over again and still laugh. That '70s show is that kind of show.

Great show every episode is funny and unlike friends did not become a success just because the actors were famous. Every character is well thought out and every character grows as, a person

Great talent and story throughout this shows history. I have seen every episode 12 times over or more, and cannot stress enough how much this show means to me and many other adoring fans.

Best show ever! Every single character is so memorable especially characters like kelso, fez, hyde, jackie and you can't forget red that 70s show is the best sitcom of all time!

It's funny that I just watched it today and loved it the cast is hilarious and amazing and it's so thrilling you wanna keep watching it it's by far my favourite sitcom

The only sitcom that actually makes me laugh out loud even when I'm watching it alone! Great characters, great actors, great romance, unique concept, funny!

This was the first show that I ever watched and could honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that it was the best T.V. show ever made. It's more than classic.

This show reaves into not only our humorist hearts but also touches the side that binds friends and family into one knot which is "That 70's Show"

I love this SHOW! Watched all seasons many times I also enjoy how I meet your mother as #2 but I think that this show takes the cake I love it