Top 10 Sites To Earn Money By Writing Articles

Here I showcase you the top ten earning sites by posting articles!

The Top Ten

1 PostAnyArticle

Where do I can register this site?

You can basically post about anything here! - Nitz0007

50 word minimum. $1 automatic payment. Bonuses for offer completions. You can get paid every day! This is the best site on the list.

Paying writers since 2013. enough said.

2 Bubblews

Thanks for this list, Nitz0007. Really useful for budding writers who are looking to get something published. I, myself like the look of PostAnyArticle. Thanks for sharing.

Great site until you are unlucky enough to hit 'redeem' at the same time the site has one of it's 50,000 glitches per day. Then you might have to wait 8 months to get paid in tiny installments because they can't afford to pay you the full amount you're owed all at once (like I had to).

It is one of the emerging sites and has been very successful! - Nitz0007

It was been so long since we were not paid. At first they get o pay us on time, but since August we ( together with my online friends working on thi) are not getting payments anymore

3 Squidoo

A site where you can share your personal write-ups! - Nitz0007

4 HubPages

Works in similiar fashion as that of Squidoo - Nitz0007

5 Helium

I thought I heard they were closing down and revamping as something else.

You can write articles for publishers or brands and earn money! - Nitz0007

6 Yahoo! Contributor Network

Payment ranging from $2 to $25 - Nitz0007

7 Fiverr

I'll check this later... thanks! - HezarioSeth

8 Teckler

A simple writing site! - Nitz0007

9 Daily Two Cents

I love this site, you get to have an affiliate link and keep the whole commission. The payout threshold is only $5, so you don't have to wait for your money! This is a great place to write!

Wonderful pay-per-view site! The more you write the more you earn and you don't have to spend hours socializing like you do on some sites.

100 word minimum - pays per view; casual and fun

Great community and a really good place to write.

10 Blogging.Org

Where people buy and sell their articles. - Nitz0007

The Contenders

11 Xomba

You can write articles in different categories! - Nitz0007


The most genuine paid to write site so far. I got paid by them in a contest.

The site is really simple and easy to use. The best thing is that I got paid there. It is not a wordpres based website and I like the over all look and simplicity. It pays you for views on your posts.


This is a new site where you can share different practical tips about all aspect in life such as in saving money, wise spending, parenting, cooking and a lot more base on the motivators personal experiences. D2D Tips conducting writing contest monthly and more surprises for the writers.

A legit blogging site that has a low threshold of $1.00.

14 The Daily Heckle

Pays quickly and lots of work available for good writers

This is a site that pays bloggers for posts on a range of issues. They are based in the UK, and they release payment via Skrill as soon as the article is published.


How was this not here when I came here?

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