Best Skateboard Deck Brands of 2018


The Top Ten

1 Primitive

Best skateboard ever! Has great pop, durability, concave and graphics. - PrimitiveSkateboarder

Amazing pop and durability - PrimitiveSkateboarder

Fantastic deck. - PrimitiveSkateboarder

2 Almost

Better than baker. - PrimitiveSkateboarder

3 Birdhouse

Great brand! - PrimitiveSkateboarder

4 Enjoi
5 Plan B

Most Amazing deck, better than enjoi - PrimitiveSkateboarder

6 Anti Hero

Good pop, decks to thick. - PrimitiveSkateboarder

7 Element

Chips easy and bad concave. - PrimitiveSkateboarder

8 Emillion

Good skateboards, love the graphics!

9 Zero

Has nice pop but has weird graphics - PrimitiveSkateboarder

10 Baker
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