Alien Workshop


I want to be sponsored by alien workshop because I skate goofy footed I am fascinated with aliens and I think the alien workshop designs are epic and fascinating and I will have a world round goofy footed skate session with all the pro goofy footed skaters world wide.

I really want one they are just the best these should be where almost is honestly! Their pop is amazing and have ultralight boards

My board is very durable and my toy machine chipped in 2 days. I think alien workshop is best because its light and has good pop

I LOVE alien workshop skateboards so much, first of all I skate stairs and just anything big most of the time and I have never broke any of my alien workshop boards and I have skated for about 4 years and I usually skate 8 to 10 stairs so go get an aws board there the best!

The workshop is the best I never had a better board. It has a great pop! The alien workshop is the board you need

Plan B is only first because everybody knows them blah blah Paul Rodriguez, stupid possers but everybody that really skate will pick a brand because of their quality and their shape and not because of popularity anyways I recommend alien because they have an amazing pop and good shape.

Sick graphics with bet designs.
Pop is amazing better than plan b in my opinion.
Very durable

Alien workshop boards are awesome I tell go buy one

You say about planning suck because of Paul Rodriguez I say you should you mouth shut people know alien workshop because of rob dyrdek I been skating plan b since it restated in 2006 and still works

Honestly the best brand without a doubt

I got an Alien Workshop as my first deck. I have tried Plan B, Girl, Zero, Enjoi, Element, and the kryptonic walmart board. I can't choose between Alien workshop and Zero, they are both excellent

Sweet designs awesome team last long.

Aliens ride amazing have th best pop

Been riding Workshops since 1990. The only brand that I have never broke and I'm 253 lbs. AWS for life.

Get this off the list aws is bulky has horrible pop and chips so easily I used to skate aws but that was when I could barely ollie get almost or dgk