Love these decks! They last so long I had it for 5 months after skating stairs non stop. The concave feels really good and has insane pop. You need to get one of these decks!

Baker is the best. I have learned most flip tricks on that board. Its a nice shape, its light, and has a lot of pop. It lasts long and you don't get razer tail as bad as you do on other boards

I just bought a baker deck two weeks ago. Although it has great pop, it NOT durable. I already have many bad chips on the tail. And no, I don't throw it around everywhere.

Too much pop actually. I don't like too much pop. But it sure does have a lot. If you are a person who wants a massive amount of pop in your board, Baker decks are for you!

Bakers are really Google, best in fact, I've skated plan b, and a bunch of others none of them are quite like baker.

Reynolds puts Baker boards through hell and they take it again an again without snapping, iconic and classic with proper quality

Baker is hands down the best. I've skated plan b and it doesn't even compare to baker. Also has lots of pop

Great board, had it twice as long as my last deck (zero) and there's no cracks whatsoever

Baker best pop most comfort and very very STRONG!

Baker is great and its hard to chip it but girl and DGK are good to

Baker is amazing! Never disappoints

It's just amazing it flips real good

Love their boards, all my friends own a Baker deck

Watch Reynolds and Figgy abuse theirs and tell me their not durable, good pop too, let be real as as you're buying a good brand, good pop is up to you. But Baker definitely cuts the cheddar for my liking

Baker boards would be my second choice to Girl.

Bakers are the best no exceptions. Because I think that they have best pop and last long if I was to get a new deck right now it would be baker deck. BEST lovebakers

Baker for life. Awesome team, sturdy decks, insane pop, and best logo/graphics. Pick up a baker and frontside flip 14 sets like Reynolds in no time.

My friend has a baker deck he is sponsored for Emerica no lie if you go on the site you wont see him because its only temporary but in the next new site which their making right now youll see him he has a baker deck and ollies really high and its easy for him to do double kicks so next time I buy a board I'm getin baker - Georgito619

Bakers have lots of pop I've had kmart, big w, reject shop and Coles skateboards and now I got a baker I feel like I'm doing Ollie's to the sky

Bakers are terrible chipped straight away from doing 360 flips flatground it is now un skateable and I've only had it for 2 and a half months

Baker is good I landed all my tricks like kick filps tray filps heel filps and other good flat ground tricks

They pop well n the flip are on point. They run kinda noarrow nowadays but the OG shape was perfect.