Umm... This brand is alright I mean it has great pop great designs but the tail ALWAYS goes really short so it doesn't pop as good as it wood used to

I use a death wish right now and it has been one of my best boards 1 plan b 2 habitat 3 deathwish 4 zero 5 dark star 6 enjoy 7 krooked and last element

Why is deathwish so low? The Lizard Kings decks have more pop than any other boards out there!

Death wish should be in the top 10 for sure. They have the A BEAST of a pop!

This is a legit board I jump 15 stairs all the time and it doesn't break

I got a king lizard deck today and it is sick. Great shape and feel.

Sophisticated looking decks with some decent pop. What else?

Why the hell is deathwish 16? Well cause there hella expensive

I got a death wish deck and its s good.

Deathwish lasted me 2 full years of tre flips to 9 stairs

These boards are the best man Lizard King for the win

Is the sickest design and is very good quality

I have a Lizard King pro model and it is sick.

I've owned 2 Deathwish decks in the past year, I skate almost every non-rainy day. Love the concave and the pop is awesome when they're new.. Once they start chipping n splintering its over though.

Best ever not an opinion it's a fact

Deathwish has a awesome pop to it

Deathwish is the best it lasted me 6 months had great pop doesn't weigh to much and didn't lose the pop hay fast like my old plan b

Bought the story time slash and I hate it. It has a pointed shape at the nose and tail. And it chipped very easily... within the first month.

This board is to good how can someone put plan b before deathwish Tory pudwill must have a gang of followers

I had a cliché a my first skateboard and it didn't do me well. My friend suggested buying a death wish and I must say, I will never buy another brand, I absolutely love it!

Shoudnt deathwish be like right after baker since ther like the same exact brand

I have a lizard king pentagram deathwish and I tell you I belive that deathwish should be in the top 10. Deathwish last way longer then plan B and deathwish has pop like you wouldent belive! Vote for deathwish

How df deathwish isn't in the top 5? This brand is amazing... the pop is unbelievable... Let's not forget they don't flatten like alien workshops and elements... the concave is perfect too..

Best pop I�'ve tried. Deathwish boards are made in México. Almost all the major brands are made in China (ex. Zero, Almost, Plan B). Decks coming from México seem to have better pop then decks from China, maybe quality control is better in México factories.