Flips have amazing pop and are super gnarly all around. Great graphics and great shape is just and + to these gnarly boards

How is flip 15th that's stupid

And how is blind alien workshop still a popular skateboard there hopeless

Its made for the pop. Unless you buy a flip complete cause those suck

Flip boards have the best pop I just love them

They are good I want to get one so bad

I like flip mainly because they make good completes. - toptenAGAIN

What! Flip needs to be at the top! Best pop even BEFORE p2!

Flip is awesome and I love it! It has awesome grip and best Lazerflip!

Flip are the most rad they have the best pop

I can ollie about 3/4 of a meter on a flip board

I got the flip P2 skateboard or pro 2 skateboard literally the best pop in a skateboard ever. I have ridden plan b and zero but they do not compete as well

Flips are amazing I nollie heelflips a 5 stair and landed in the middle of the board and it did not snap I also land ed in the middle on my butt and it still survived. The graphics are plain it classic and you can't go wrong with them just get some thunder senora reds and bones wheels ad your hood

Flip has a monster of a pop! Don't believe me? Just watch Luan Oliveira skate and you'll see why

Really good deck, really really good the best pop ever, they last a lot but don't buy a P2 flip p2 is really strong but not so good when we talk about pop, I skated a Boulevard, DGK, Real, Enjoi, Cliche, Speed Demons, the best ones is DGK Real and and the best one Flip. Buy a flip Deck put some indies bons wheels bones bearing and ride forever! FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP

Flip is the best I tried almost, planb, element, girl, santa cruz but FLIP is the Best

How is flip not coming first or second.my fist deck was
A plan b and it was great and I've had a flip and chocolate all have great pop

Flip boards have the best pop. So much better than for EG. Girl, sk8mafia, jart or real.

Flip board is the king of pop, good concave also. I skate every day and every day is a hardcore play for 4 straight month but still my board didn't snap, chip or break... ussualy other boards like plan b, AW, Girl, zooyork only last 2months for me. But glip is so durable!