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41 Supreme

Awesome deck super tough. I'm a big dude 190lbs old school Ollie airs off launch all day.

42 Motion

This is the best decks forever, cause it have light decks and iam pro of motion, if you try to pop, its different from other deck

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43 Foundation

Got 7.8 deck and just indy trucks, reds, and rictas still get some amazing height, you just have to look at their team videos too, they ain't known but pretty damn spectacular

Iv been skating for 10 years which containded blind, zero, stereo, but then I got my foundation. it was the best board I ever had still to today I skate foundation. massive pop, light, I got so much better at all my trick plus learning new ones and landing them quickly

Most amazing board ever and some are made in us. Amazing quality pop mellow concave but a really comfortable feel to it.

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44 Jart

A really strong board with a great pop

Jart is hard to break! And have a good pop and flip also. Go buy jart

Jart is amazing! Jart has a great pop and great flip. Go buy jart!

Its hard to break... Good ollie as well

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45 Mini-Logo

For the first month or so it's really good. It's light sturdy and good pop but it does chip easy

What board paint stays on the board really good

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46 Skate Warehouse

Really good durability and cheap! Shape is really nice with steep concave and medium kicks. Also the nose is wider giving you more room to flip your board.

A well built board that give a great Ollie, Kickflip and Pop Shuvit

47 No Fear
48 Tony Hawk
49 Prestige

HA HA like your sponsored by them if you Google them all it brings up is a BUNCH of articles about them being a SCAM which they ARE you aren't actually a sponsored skater your just some person who got scammed and got a reply from an automatic email answering machine! they "sponsor" every single person who sends them an email! THEY ARE A SCAM AND YOU can't EVEN BUY THERE PRODUCTS NOW THAT THEY WERE MADE!

I've tried just about every board on this list (I've been skateboarding for a while) and none of them even come close to prestige. I am also sponsored by them. They are light as hell and get TONS of air. Lots of pop. If you are a heavy skater, I full on recommend this board.

Hands down. Best board on this list. Awesome pop. Also one of the lightest boards I know. Hard to break. Number one choice of all boards.

So light it's kinda funny. I think that has to do with the great pop

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50 Superior

Good pop, great graphics, and good wood and most importantly reasonable and affordable price..

Good pop lasts man long cheap and very durable and has sick graphics and skinny and great flip

Solid deck not extremely durable but still great board

Great starter board.
Zumiez stocks this brand

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51 Polar Skate Co.

Most legit brand out there, and the best deck and company

Extremely strong maple deck but still light so you can do heaps of movements easy to get used to

Awesome thin tough maple deck lasts a very long time!

Great deck to no comply

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52 GoodWood

Amazing pop and durability I landed my first ever dolphin flip with this its on my wall of fame in my room

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53 Target

Why would you ride anything else?

Just so good. Never break, great bearings. Good job target

Target for life I learned how to doulbe laser flip on one in a minuate

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54 Welcome

Best deck hands down if you like a great well rounded deck that ventures from traditional shapes/ideas but still gives kick ass shapes and concave. 10/10

Best for park cuss the shape of the deck there hella sick

55 Think

Best skateboards, light and they ve got a good pop. Hard to break them. Number #1 for me.


56 Formation

Has amazing pop they are a local team and their boards are pretty heavy but for some reason my highest ollie was done this board. -

57 Positiv

Positive is a great deck, great beginner deck that was my first deck chips a little easy but good for beginners

58 BD

The bd is good because when you land a kickflip there is good grip. It cost me £120

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59 Karnage Skateboards

Really great street cruiser! Soft and fast, easy to turn! REALLY flexible and strong!

Karnage cuises are really good steerings and I have been riding the same board for 5 years and its still good as new they never go to junk karnage is the way to go

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60 Threat

This is very wrong I'm using a Threat right now, its perfect, I got it 3 months ago and its still in perfect condition it has AMAZING POP, the concave is awesome and its not that heavy, it's so durable it doesn't have a single chip, Walmart is in absolutely no way better than Threat. This brand should be at the near the very top of this list!

What?!?!? Threat By Zero is in 63?
Is very good skateboard deck is strong and have nice pop its one of the best skateboard decks I have get ever!. I have this deck 3Months and its very good, now I have one Zero skateboard deck and this is very good mm no good THE BEST. So go to get one!...

WHAT?!?!? Threat By Zero is 54?
Guys Threat By Zero Is one of the best skateboard decks I have done ever,
I have can skate with girl skateboard, zero skateboards, threat by zero skateboards, enjoy skateboards, and its one of the best so get them ;)!

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