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181 Jacob Lipton

I'm the best skateboarder ever

182 Tosh Townend
183 Dennis Durrant
184 Ben Gore
185 Nick Garcia
186 G Albert V 2 Comments
187 Micky Papa

Just YouTube "micky papa full part" by thrasher and your mind will be blown.

188 Chad Tim Tim

Underrated, had super sick part in time to shine, and I like his philosophy on life and skateboarding, "I stopped worrying about what I was supposed to be doing, and started doing what I wanted to do. "

189 Evan Doherty

He's a kid skateboarder with so much talent. He's the youngest kid to be in the experts division when I went to a skateboarding contest. Look up him on YouTube.

190 Tom Schaar

This dude is 13 yrs old and doing stuff like 1080's that's really AWESOME!

V 2 Comments
191 Flo Mirtain

Has one of the best styles out their
The switch fs heelflip he did in bonvoyage was awesome

192 J.B. Gillet

Why isn't he on the list?

193 Timmy Hawk

He is very good in skate

194 Danny Gonzalez

This guy is awesome and shoulb be up in this list. I don´┐Ż't know why he is so underrated but please, take a look of his videos in YouTube and you are going to flipate!

195 Victor Garibay
196 Ben Nordberg

He has a sick style and he's a great skater

197 Ben Raybourn V 1 Comment
198 Trevor Colden

He is so sick and his style is amazing

199 Matias Pintrava
200 Emir Aliti

He is sponsored he is in BATB7 one of the the best street skaters

V 1 Comment
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