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201 Dennis Durrant
202 Ben Gore
203 Nick Garcia
204 G Albert V 2 Comments
205 Chad Tim Tim

Underrated, had super sick part in time to shine, and I like his philosophy on life and skateboarding, "I stopped worrying about what I was supposed to be doing, and started doing what I wanted to do. "

206 Evan Doherty

He's a kid skateboarder with so much talent. He's the youngest kid to be in the experts division when I went to a skateboarding contest. Look up him on YouTube.

207 Tom Schaar

This dude is 13 yrs old and doing stuff like 1080's that's really AWESOME!

V 2 Comments
208 Timmy Hawk

He is very good in skate

209 Danny Gonzalez

This guy is awesome and shoulb be up in this list. I don´┐Ż't know why he is so underrated but please, take a look of his videos in YouTube and you are going to flipate!

210 Ben Nordberg

He has a sick style and he's a great skater

211 Ben Raybourn V 1 Comment
212 Matt Miller

He is a profesional skateboarder. Miller is a street skateboarder. He drives for DC.

213 Matias Pintrava
214 Emir Aliti

He is sponsored he is in BATB7 one of the the best street skaters

V 1 Comment
215 Emir Aliti
216 Theotis Beasley

Theotis Beasley is my second favorite skater and I think he is awesome. He is a great skater and deserves his sponsorship by baker. I would love to meet him in real life.

217 Jeff Kendell
218 Wes Kremer

Best skater always going to be crusty by nature

219 Auby Taylor
220 Keelan Dadd V 3 Comments
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