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221 Matt Miller

He is a profesional skateboarder. Miller is a street skateboarder. He drives for DC.

222 Christian Hosoi

Christian Hosoi transitioned from street to vert more effortlessly than any other skater.
He did things in the air that had never been seen and elevated street skating to an art form.

Christian hosoi changed the game of skating. The air time, charisma, and the Christ air signature move is mind blowing.

He was Tony hawks biggest rival and a lot of the time he beat him yet you have hawk number 2 and hosoi 204. This list is a joke. Did I really see Lil Wayne and Hopsin above the man who invented the Christ air?

Damn, people just need to accept that tony hawk isn't the best skater in the world.

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223 Aaron Kyro

He is awesome skater and a good skate teacher I wish I could have private lessons form him!

I love Aaron kyro. He is also great at teaching tricks on YouTube

Easily he should be in the top ten he is an amazing skater.

His such a good teacher!

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224 Shaun White

Why is Shaun white 142'th?! He almost did the 1080 on a HALFPIPE. He is sick! He also did the armadillo. Come on you guys, vote more for Shaun White!

He is very good he should be in 1 place

Skateboarding is like eighty percent the exact same thing as snowboarding.
P.S. break Dancing rocks!

He should be higher on the list he is an amazing skateboarder

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