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21 Christopher Chann

Why is this kid at 22nd are you kidding? That dragon flip was mad, by far mine and many others favourite skater. His flat ground skills are insane, and not even a pro!

He is so amazing at skating. He can do so many weird flat ground tricks like the 360 dolphin flip. He is one of the best. He beat chris cole in a game of skate he is so good. - skaterdude122

He should be within the top ten he can do a 360 dolphin flip he isn't pro yet and tat means he as even more time to progress_an amazing skater

the best

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22 Terry Kennedy

Terry kennedy is suppose to be one of the top 10 in the list if you see he does more stunts than nyjah huston himself

The best grinder I've seen till now

Where is chris joslin

TK should be flattered to be on this list. Not that he doesn't deserve to be up here, but he definitely doesn't have as much coverage or as many poser-fans as the others on the list. Too many posers vote on this site for it to be truly accurate. These kids/voters seriously don't know anything relevant about skateboarding or the industry.

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23 Sean Malto

he's awesome. does some awesome grinds. tre flips huge gaps

He is just awesome. He is the one who can do tricks very well like the kickflip. I don't care what you think but he is best

So much style with this guy, should be much higher on the list

This is my favorite skater and how is he in 23rd he's better than Nyjah huston

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24 Chaz Ortiz

He has the best backside flips and grinds ever! His kickflip back smiths are like butter!

He is the best skater alive he should at least top P. Rod he has won 2 dew tours one when he was 14 2nd when 16 and has always been in the street league championship and finals he's really nice freindly and P. Rod sucks he's never been close too winning the street league but chaz is different he is a skateboarder at will! Love him

YO! chaz ortiz at least tops daewon song, chaz is so down with his boarding he can't be stopped!

He is so sick and steezy. He is so consistent and has the smoothest tricks

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25 PJ Ladd


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26 Felipe Gustavo

He is one of the best skateboarders alive he should be in the top 10 if not in the top 5

Felipe is insane he's amazing should be in at least the 20's!

Should be in the top 15 to be honest

27 Shane O'Neill

He won a street league competition against Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, and many other Top-Rated pros in the game.

He can do some very crazy tricks and he won a street league against too big skaters

He won Street league against sheckler, p rod, cole, ortiz, and many others.

Easily the best on and off rail shredder

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28 Tony Alva

Alva 19? The skateboarding world today is a sad place bam is 5 and alva is 19? What

Alva IS Skateboarding. He is the absolute 1st Rock Star of Skateboarding. That is FACT. 27? Get outta here with that.

This guy was the best of all time hands down

He is awesome! Enough said.

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29 Shane Cross

How is he not even on this list? He is amazing! Nosegrind el toro for the win! RIP Shane, If ali boulula is on here so should shane!

Best pool skater ever... he's been skating since the beginning -

Nosegrind el toro, Blunts, Noseslides, 5-0's, this guy has it all!

How is he just 69? Who is Rune Glifberg? Shane should be at least in top 10, and is still considered one of the best street skaters. Half a million views on YouTube!

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30 Stevie Williams

Stevie Williams is a great skater and one of favs if not my favorite, his manuals are just amazing and totally has helped black skateboarders rise up but if he wasn't on the list I would have voted for R. Mullen. Tony Hawk may have hit the 900 but don't forget who made the ollie and was nicknamed ollie a. k. a Rodney Mullen Duhhh first person to do one on land and created like most of the skateboarding tricks we do today anyway! - ballaboi17

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31 Leo Romero

Search this kid because after you watch and video of him he will definitely be your new favorite skateboarder. And rodney mullen was good when such a thing as a hand rail didn't exist. LEO ROMERO was VOTED best skateboarder of the decade by THRASHER MAGAZINE. -------NOW GO AND WATCH A VIDEO OF HIM!

Great all around. Top 10 at least! Sick team too.
This list to me is a popularity contest. Mike v shouldn't even be in the top 20

32 Dustin Dollin

He is one of the best skater in Baker so I think he should be in number 16.

He is awesome and he's from sydney in Australia also his sponsered by vans

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33 Jason Dill

Super badass, rips it up. The best!

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34 David Gonzalez

This skater is the best he rips up the competition whenever he competes. he's great. exciting and bad to the bone.

David Gonzalez skates perfectly. He falls so well. and gracefully. this kid is the best skater... in the world.

David Gonzalez looks like a girl. but skates like a DEMON!

Skates the sketchiest things

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35 Andy Macdonald

He has the most x games gold medals, enough said

One of the smartest skaters ever... He wears pads

One of the better vert skaters.

36 Mike Mo Capaldi

Mike Mo Capaldi is beast at skating. check out "Lakai Fully Flared" and find the part where Mike Mo is also go to for more info or videos on him. He won the first battle at the berrics you should check that too. Just check out Mike Mo! - skaterforever

MIke mo is amazing top 5 if you ask me. He has the highest ollie to this day. His decks are also amazing. You have to love Mike Mo Capaldi. He's set so many records too.

He's so good he doesn't even need to skate rails! And all his tricks are so smooth and flat out awesome

He is a beast and amazing at the game of skate

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37 Jereme Rogers

This guy is ahead of Geoff rowley?! Lolwut? I guess it just goes to show this list is bull...

38 Geoff Rowley

Rodney Mullen should be up there, but Tony shouldn't cause he didn't invent skateboarding, alva, cabellaro, and mountain and some other 70s skates did. Every skater with a tv show doesn't belong, except the sheckler that actually skates. Then the obvious Chris Cole, koston, the 90s legends, and ROWLEY. best foreign skater ever. Should be in top ten for an actual reason.

I'm from liverpool so is he I have a flip so does he, he is awesome he's got his own type of board he recently brought out its in rampworx a big skatepark / shop in liverpool geoff rowley rocks!

Geoff is awesome, he is bare good and he also created flip along with tom penny! He really is a skilled skater and any one should be as good as him I know because I am him

Super good at street.

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39 Aaron Jaws Homoki

He is a high flyer and can do almost any trick like Nyjah Huston but what makes him a great skater is that he never gave up and doesn't show off to people he is the true skater

Jaws is way better because he ollied the infamous lyon 25! id like to see hawk or mullen do that

He is crazy.


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40 Mark Appleyard

Him and his style are just sick. Font think he should be number one, but he deserves better then 33. He should at least be in the top 20.

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