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41 Mark Appleyard

Him and his style are just sick. Font think he should be number one, but he deserves better then 33. He should at least be in the top 20.

42 Mike Carroll

What happened to you! He's one of the greatest! In ninetys he change all skateboard way of life!

I like it when he fails he's on hall of meat a lot and I like his manuals

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43 Jamie Thomas

Not just a great skater but all his products are the best

jamie thomas is the best street skater zero rules - cyndyb

His skating is so agressive! No one does 50-50 like Jamie Thomas! He created the best skate brands ever!


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44 Tom Penny

To all you up and coming skaters that don't know anything 'bout real skating, stop watching the fantasy factory, playing tony hawks games, watching jackass, and all them dew tour cups laugh out loud, daewon vs mullen? Laugh out loud, where they at now? Mike v? For his flatground antics? Laugh out loud... Kids now a days think the skaters on these mtv shows are everything, but when you ask a lot of the same skaters on these dew tour cups and all these shows who their favorite skater is its always PENNY laugh out loud, or he's in their top 5, no lie! Do some research and find out why, other than Tom Penny, Guy mariano is just as good they go missing for a while but come back strong.

Tom Penny has the smoothest style and is the best at landing tricks cleanly. Remember when he did that line at that one school. He makes skateboarding look easy.

to me he has one of the best if not the best style in skateboarding, and he is prob one of the most layed back skaters I have ever seen - masterfred

Best style ever. Skateboarding looked so easy and natural on his feet.

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45 Colin McKay

He was a good skateboarder. Frankie hill was also so good. Old school skateboarders great. We really missed them al

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46 Lucas Puig

He is the best he should be at least at twenty with jerry hsu he is French he is my mentor he does everything VOTE FOR LUCAS PUIG

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47 Luan Oliveira

Luan deserves unless a top 5 spot

Mike mo said it himself luan is the best. AnYONE WHO REALLY KNOWS THE INS AND OUTS OF SKATEBOARDING, AND CAN RECOGNIZE NATURAL TALENT KNOWS THAT LUAN IS THE BEST. Nyjahs style is similar but his bag of tricks is so very limited and doesn't have much popp

Luan has come to perfect every trick he knows and he has so much pop on his tricks its fabolous

The speed he has performing flatground tricks is just insane

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48 Natas Kaupas

Four Words: He invented street skating. Enough said.

NATAS KAUPAS, inspired me, to have the highest ollies, in my neighberhood, at the time, win, the first contest, I ever entered, get sponsored by, SKATE TURF, originally incorporated in Darien, Illinois, Z ROLLER TRUCKS and skateboards and NMB BEARINGS! NATAS KAUPAS and RODNEY MuLLEN are why street skating is SO GREAT! COUNTLESS OTHERS, BUT THOSE ARE MY TOP 2! Sincerely, Shannon J. Gillespie (BIG CHOCOLATE) THE ORIGINATOR OF, THE MYSTERY FLIP!

Natas Kaupas is the sickest skater ever watch him on YouTube he is sick he grinds cars, trucks and utes he has been one of the people to inspired me to start skating and is my 3rd fave skate behind P-rod and Luan Oliviera how natas isn't in the top 15 I don't even know

He in voted the hello

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49 Damonte Tillman

He is a really down to earth and otherwise than skill a pretty cool dude

He is so good my faverate skater and he iis good at eaating chicken he has the world best style and can do like every trick.

50 Cory Kennedy

Cory kennedy is the sickest pro skater ever, he always does the sickest tricks, he should at least be the third best skater in the top 10

This guy is sick should be in top 20 definitely will cory kennedy for life

Low key, but awesome dude, and totally underrated skater. Subtle and creative.

Favorite skater every defiantly should be in top 20, such insane tricks

51 John Cardiel

Cardiel needs to be far far far far far far far far far higher in this list. What are you thinking? He's inspired so many people throughout the world, on levels that are so much more deep and fundamental than contest winning statistics or retarded marketing campaigns. Cardiel inspired nearly everyone on this list. Cardiel helped build Thrasher, Slap and almost the entire gnar Bay area construct of the 90s.

He should be in top 10 for sure. 76th Really? What a Joke Who ever posted this needs serious help on how to place skaters. Watch the Bio Epicly Later'd: John Cardiel And see how you feel of 76th then. You should be embarrassed to even post what you don't know. John is such a gifted skater and a ambassador for skating.

Either cardiel or gonz are the best skaters of all time these new guys are good too, but KIDS NEED TO RESPECT THE CLASSICS! I'm only 13 but cardiel is my favorite and best by far except maybe tied with gonz. still my fave though!

John Cardiel is an extremely gifted unique skater & should be number 1! Or the very least in top 5. All hale Cardiel!

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52 Jay Adams

The Heart and Soul of Skateboarding.. Without Jay we would not have all of the skaters we have today, did not skate for fame and fortune just for the pure love of it..

Are you kidding? Jay Adams is the embodiment of skateboarding. Modern skateboarding would not be as it is today without him. Plus he really brought in that punk crazy vibe that really transformed skateboard culture.

One of the fathers of creative skateboarding, looking around you and using the terrain, forever my favourite

Jay is in that place in the list! Ow where was all that skater when jay adams was the best

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53 Ryan Decenzo

Bro, how is this guy in the 50's he super sick.. And by the way he just won street league so I'm not saying number 1 but he definitely. Deserves to be at least in top 20..

Dude ryan decenzo is amazing I love darkstar I was thinking about getting 1 or a dgk but I will probably move to california when I graduate high school to pursue my skating career cause I live in nashaveille and love to skate

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54 Steve Caballero

He is sick man! Got it! Freestyle it! Rad.

Why did you rat Ryan sheckler higher than Steve cab!

He has so much style, he skates vert, pool, and street all with ease and perfection, AND HE'S 51. AND A GRANDFATHER!

Should be in the top 10 invented the cabalerial!

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55 Heath Kirchart

He's my favorite skateboarder, because he was great in all around, He does big rails, big cabs, innovatives tricks, ramp, mega ramp, and he's on of the only pro skateboarders who is both side (regular and goofy). He's one of the pro skateboarders who has the most integrity in this sport too (see videos like birdhouse : the end and Emerica stay gold part b).

He innovated throughout his whole career, up to his very last stunt on the megaramp.
And his style was unequalled.

56 Lil' Will

He is like the best kid in skateboarding I'm meanting as a skateboarding teenager he almost beat P rod in skate

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57 Kevin Romar

Kevin romar is the best people even call his nollie 360s "The Romar Spin" because he has them down anywhere he does them

Kevin roman has the best steeze in the game, he should be in the top 20s at least

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58 Guy Mariano

He just has that thing about him. Love to watch him!

He has had the best skating and style since he was a kid.

Should be top 10

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59 Ed Templeton
60 Jerry Hsu

This dude is awesome he gets the absolute worst bails and bounces right back if you seen his b sides you would know

He is awesome he bails so hard and kills it have you not seen bag of suck or stay gold

Hsu is so underrated! He is so good, he invented a trick that nobody can do, and they don't even know what the combination is for it.

Jerry hsu is a tank he can survive so many falls and he gets right back up

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