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61 Ali Boulala

Almost ollied 25 set. He has a lot of crazy vids! FS & BS Flips! - a7xfan

62 Stefan Janoski

This dude is sick
Please vote for him
His shoe is dope
He is one of the greatest

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63 Arto Saari V 3 Comments
64 Curren Caples

This kid is mad he came 4th in the x games at 14 what an achievment some of the pros didn't start until they were 14

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65 Chris Joslin

How is joslin in 85th place this guy worked his ass off he at least deserves to be in the top ten

He is my favorite skater by far and he has a mean tre flip

Why is he down here under sam tabor what

Chris Joslin is fearless. There is nothing that this guy can't do. His monsterus backside flip at tampa pro was phenomenal. His plan b part was amazing. This guy deserves to be known as one of the greats.

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66 Greg Lutska
67 Richie Jackson

This guy is nuts id like to see any other skater do the tricks that he does there's now way. His hippie flips are crazy you never see anything like that in skateboarding and he's the best at it.

This guy is insanely creative, top 3 skaters ever for sure. He doesn't get anywhere near as much attention as he deserves

Creative freak. Best hippy flips, best dressed, smartest/funniest skater ever.

Very creative awesome guy. I love his style- skating and otherwise.

68 Brandon Biebel

He ducks absolutely sucks never liked him

69 Billy Marks

HOW IS BILLY MARKS IN THE 40'S? this guy is a beast, he's amazing and so is toymachine

Billy's videos are amazing, the ride the sky part is insane! And his style is awesome, he's my favorite skater!

70 Pevi Permana

I'm Indonesian too, and I'm proud of him, because he's the best Indonesian Skater!

Smart Boy And Always dreamed of becoming a great skateboarder

Awesome.. He's Indonesian skateboarders.. Great
I hope he became like chris cole and ryan sheckler like he's favorite skateboarders

Surprisingly Indonesian media rarely expose him who already won many many trophies.

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71 Kareem Campbell

How can people forget about the legendary Ghetto Bird?

Grew up to him sucks his brand isn't doing too good

Is a ghetto bird so vote or di
And he's not completely mainstream like most the skaters on this list

72 David Gravette

Seriously on 50th place? Come on this guy is amazing, his shoes are the best, the man goes for it, he does awesime tricks, Also, where is Sierra on this damn list? Screw Sheckler/Romney/Hawk, David gravette is the best! And he will go up in this list,

I've met David and burned down with him. He puts it ALL out there. NO FEAR! Very laid back but one of the most aggressive skaters I've ever known. Bad Ass.

Have any of you seen his and now part?

Watch him on thrashed magazine

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73 Marc Johnson V 1 Comment
74 Dylan Rieder Dylan Rieder

Best style and creativity I have ever seen. Plus he is the best dressed skater and skates for sick companies like Alien Workshop and Gravis. He is innovating the sport of skateboarding as we know it!

Awesome creativity and a well dressed skater haha

And the hottest guy to have ever lived.

Best most talented skater of all time.

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75 Rune Glifberg

Man... He's created numerous tricks.. He's been in more than one one Tony Hawk's games.. How can he not be in the top 20. Numerous x-games medals too. One of the best vert skaters I've seen thus far. Should definitely be higher than this

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76 Jason Lee

Unbelievably talented guy, but has obviously gone Hollywood because he named his son 'Pilot Inspektor'.

Give credit to an original
Gone onto other career things but started it all

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77 Tas Pappas

To the person who said "Tas is the best skater he is better then Tony Hawk in fact he bet him in the 1996 X games and he invented the 900! Not Tony that's why he wasn't allowed to compete in the X games any more because he was the better than Tony and still is! " You are only half right. Taz won the 96 Hard Rock contest in LA which moved in into first place overall. There was no vert or best trick competition in the 96 X games. Just street. Also he did not invent the 900. Far from it. The whole year that Tony Hawk landed that first 900, there was a ton of competitions with a number of skaters attempting a 900. Also consider that in 1990 they have footage of Danny Way completing it but not being able to land it. So it was far from a Tony Hawk invention. That being said Taz Pappas is only one of only 5 people that (as far as I know) to date have been able to land a 900 and Taz should be credited for the creation of a number of great and very inventive moves and absolutely should ...more

Tas is the man! He's overcome injury, addiction and loss. I saw him land the 900 last year, it was so much more impressive than Hawkes.

Tas should an inspiration to everyone. I feel blessed to be friends on Facebook.

Tony hawk isn't even that good

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78 Spencer Nuzzi

Spencer nuzzi is awesome why is he 76

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79 Chris Chann

Christopher chann and chris chann are the same but he is the best

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80 Corey Duffel

Ollied a huge double set double! Cataclysmik abyss. - a7xfan

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