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81 Kareem Campbell

How can people forget about the legendary Ghetto Bird?

Grew up to him sucks his brand isn't doing too good

Is a ghetto bird so vote or di
And he's not completely mainstream like most the skaters on this list

82 David Gravette

Seriously on 50th place? Come on this guy is amazing, his shoes are the best, the man goes for it, he does awesime tricks, Also, where is Sierra on this damn list? Screw Sheckler/Romney/Hawk, David gravette is the best! And he will go up in this list,

I've met David and burned down with him. He puts it ALL out there. NO FEAR! Very laid back but one of the most aggressive skaters I've ever known. Bad Ass.

Have any of you seen his and now part?

Watch him on thrashed magazine

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83 Louie Lopez

No kid has ever been able to skate like that - AliBoulala

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84 Aaron Homoki

Jaws deserves to be top ten he is amazing and have you ever seen anyone else ollie a 25 stair no I didn't think so.

Really he should be at least in the top 10 he has the highest Ollie ever go JAWS!

WHY IS HE HERE! He is the best ever. Biggest ollie ever. and many more tricks - bakerman13

Top ten for sure

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85 Corey Duffel

Ollied a huge double set double! Cataclysmik abyss. - a7xfan

Hella dope dude


86 Mike McGill

All time legend. McGill rocks. Mctwist still one of the best tricks today!

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87 Jake Duncombe V 1 Comment
88 Ronnie Creager

Hands down best style, he's one of the most underrated skater keep doing what your doing creager. All I gotta say is clean on everything he does.

You're awesome Ronnie. You just need a T.V. show to go along with your skills.

89 Taylor Smith

He was 11 years old and skated the Mega Ramp and was in the final three of es's S-K-A-T-E

90 Steve Berra

he's good. first person to heelflip on vert. he owns the berrics

91 Tommy Sandoval

Why is tommy sandoval in #87? #87 Really?

92 Tyler Bledsoe
93 Kerry Getz

Grew up watching him. Tech wizard on the board and he goes pretty big at times. Good video parts

He good skate, no questions

94 Ellis Frost
95 Brian Hansen

Hey! Why he isn't in the top 10? He is sick he's better than Haslam, better than Chaz! He's decks are simply powerful and you not include he in top 10, why? Make me know it

He is Sick! He never gave up doing a trick even if he broke his legs doing it before

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96 Nizam Lee

He is the best skater in Malaysia. Sponsor= Push Atau Mati, DC Shoe. His most winner's Competition in Malaysia. His trademark is Hardflip. Think. Vote!

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97 Haziq Emieril

He's the awesome skateboarder in Malaysia... He's skateboard is Birdhouse... He's a friend of Tony Hawk...

He win almost all competition in Malaysia... He can do almost all tricks too...

He's the best skateboarder in Pahang, Malaysia... He's skateboard is Birdhouse... He can do almost all tricks...

Sorry for being a poser...

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98 Preston Pollard

WOW, this guy is the real deal he loves to help everybody and does not think that he's all that. If you ever get the chance to meet him you will say it was like skating with my big brother.

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99 Dave Bachinsky

I just love this guy's style and creativity a rly awesome skater and is rly tech with his stuff - ballaboi17

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100 Josh Harmony V 2 Comments
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