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101 Bryan Herman

How is Bryan so far down? That's crazy, Bryan Herman is defiantly one of the best skateboarders alive, I can't believe it :O

Bryan should be at top ten, them sexy hardlips, nollie inward heels, treflips, and fs flips are probably one of the best (not to mention the boss)

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102 Sandro Dias

AeroKing! This guy fly with the skate on your feets, its incredible

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103 Josh Kalis

Best street skater of all time

Grate skater needs to improve though

Top five at least come on

Top 15 at least

104 Andy Schrock

Andy inspired me to get more into skateboarding and learn more tricks and I love Revive skateboards. And his son is gnarly. Even though he needs help from his dad. His YouTube channel is SICK!

He is hilarious and is so good at skating and his son is super cute

Dudes funny as hell and he is a big promoter in skateboarding

Pretty cool but is definitely not better then aaron kyro

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105 Lance Mountain

Mountain should be a lot further up this list

He was in my top 20. 109 that's blasphemy!

He should be a lot Higher

106 Jagger Eaton

Lol my brother thought jagger eaton was the 2nd best in the world

Jagger eaton by far should at least be in the top ten in the world!

Jagger is the best!


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107 Lyn-Z Adams Hawk

She is the only girl skater i know and she's pretty good

108 Nick Trapasso
109 Vanessa Torres
110 Steven Fernandez

He should be the 2nd skateboarder because get is really good

Really good better than the pros

He is not that good

He fuclen lit bye

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111 Nick Holt V 2 Comments
112 Alan Gelfand V 1 Comment
113 Jimmy Carlin

Most unique skater I've ever seen. Just check out his matches in the berrics this year and his battle commander segment. He's gonna do big things this year just wait

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114 Lem Villemin

Lem villemin is the German and European skater
He deservers place 10

115 Nick Dompierre

How come junior francisco is a way better skater than he is
He pratically makes nick a loser

116 Justin Brock

A very talented skateboarder. I love his style

Fluid style

117 Rick Howard

Rick howard better luck next time try better

He's awesome are you crazy!? Don't you remember the original blockhead Huge Ollie over the pyramid bank to a 5-0

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118 Omar Salazar

Best shoes, best decks, best skater.

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119 Pierre-Luc Gagnon

PLG deserves higher especialy when you have reality stars who can, t skate to save there lives higher.

120 Antwuan Dixon

He's got such a relaxed style that no other skater can do. He's one of my favorites, go death wish.

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