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141 Tommy Guerrero

His amazing musical talent goes really well with his skateboarding talent.

Should be higher. TG kept street alive when guys were wearing spandex and doing vert contests at waterslide parks

142 Ishod Wair

What why is he all the way back here. should be 1 what?!

He should be number one because REAL rules! 1

Great skate should beich higher at least on the top 60s amazing skater he is awesome

He needs to be higher. His swag with his crazy skillz.

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143 Jason Park

Jason is really good at doing dark slides and at being a funny skater

Hey I think he's good

Jason parkvdoes every trick you can't.

He can owwlie

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144 TJ Rogers

This guy is a true ripper go check his blind clips in YouTube

145 Lance Mountain
146 Jason Jessee
147 Paul Machnau

Best rail skater in the world. He is in the first united by fate. Also skates for Globe, Darkstar, and Bones. - pinhead111

148 John Rattray

No body understand what this guy mean for skateboard?

149 Amy Caron
150 Kevin "Spanky" Long
151 Jeff Toland
152 Jack Curtin
153 Jeff King
154 Shayne Eldridge
155 Peter Ramondetta

I have seen some videos of this guy in youtube and he is very cool. Good tricks, fast tricks, high ollies, and risky crazy jumps. My skate is a signature series of Ramondetta. Even his name is cool.

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156 Tom Boyle
157 Chris Pfanner

A Vans Pro skater... Huge gaps, and stuff like this... He got his own style

158 Silas Baxter-Neal
159 Mike Hastie
160 Scott Decenzo
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