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141 Nakel Smith

Nakel smith is the best skater because he's best and is on FA

142 Riley Hawk

You really take after your dad Riley you really should go for top 10

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143 JP Garcia

One of my favorite little skater probably the best.

Best little dude ever pulls his tricks so smooth

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144 Leticia Bufoni

She is a women and even a skateboarder that is too much for a woman guys

So hot

145 Jack Shea
146 Nick Tucker

He's like prod maybe a little less great but should be in top ten

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147 Jay Haizlip
148 Cyril Jackson

In my opinion cyril jackson is a great skater

149 Kristian Svitak

Kristian is a bad ass street skater and does a lot to help build the next generation of skaters.

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150 Gou Miyagi

A really interesting style shows that there's no boundaries to skateboarding.

151 Jason Jessee
152 Paul Machnau

Best rail skater in the world. He is in the first united by fate. Also skates for Globe, Darkstar, and Bones. - pinhead111

153 John Rattray

No body understand what this guy mean for skateboard?

154 Amy Caron
155 Kevin "Spanky" Long
156 Jeff Toland
157 Jack Curtin
158 Jeff King
159 Shayne Eldridge
160 Peter Ramondetta

I have seen some videos of this guy in youtube and he is very cool. Good tricks, fast tricks, high ollies, and risky crazy jumps. My skate is a signature series of Ramondetta. Even his name is cool.

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