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161 Todd Falcon
162 Lincoln Ueda
163 Maurício Nava
164 Jose Lara
165 Josh Thompson

Best new young skater! Best I've seen since tony hawk and Rodney Mullen!

166 Zane Timpson
167 Nassim Guammaz

He is the best dutch skater! He is totally the best.
He is very good in boardslides, kickflips, fs 50-50,360
Degree and grabs he is very very good. Go to YouTube search
Nassim Guammaz

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168 Cody Davis

Great precision.
Cody's 'off board' issues behind him...
It's full speed ahead! Pure, natural, and and fluid...

169 Yuto Kojima
170 Wayne Gallagher
171 Simen Ødegård

I think he is the best skater ever!
Best style and best at 360 flip and everything!

172 Mikey Taylor

Mikey taylor men! Just as awesome as p-rod and seanmalto :D great vibes though

173 William Spencer

This guy do a front flip in 10 stairs and he landed to his board. This guy is a stuntman skater doing parkour on skateboarding...

William has mad style and does tricks most people wouldn't even think of.

174 Zack Ribber

The best he nailed a 900 last week and know because he is my brother and the best ever!

175 Jeff Grosso
176 Jacob Lipton

I'm the best skateboarder ever

177 Tosh Townend
178 Dennis Durrant
179 Ben Gore
180 Nick Garcia
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