Rodney Mullen


Rodney Mullen is number 1. He invented the flat ground Ollie, kick flip, heel flip, tre flip, 540 shove it, 540 double kick flip, Ollie impossible and much more. People are insane, and no nothing about skating when they say Tony hawk is better. First of all a 12 year old kid did a 1080 which even Tony hawk can't do. Rodney Mullen invented freestyle skating, and skated before Tony hawk so shut up when you say Rodney Mullen wouldn't have skated if it wasn't for Tony hawk. Tony hawk also didn't invent the 360 flip Rodney Mullen did. So when you are doing 360 flips, kick flips, dark slides, and ollies, thank Rodney Mullen.

Skated with him from the beginning. I know it's hard to fathom the difference between the exploits of Vert and Street, 2 different disciplines. Thing is, I'm avert guy and it is more dangerous but Rodney does what aliens or computers do. Decades later, like a magician or seeing a UFO, there might be a sighting but people often can't even tell you what they saw afterwards. He'll do ten straight with the camera rolling with no rebates like the tour guys and maloof guys. I was watching the maloof contest and I wished people got to get into "Rodney trance". We were SIMS EAST he was with Walker with Kelly Lynn, Clyde Rogers and Chris Baucom and Mark Lake. In the end, there is Rodney

Dude he is the best street skater ever! He invented the kickflip, heelflip, 180 ollie(I think), flatground ollie (ya that allen guy only invented the ollie on ramps for air and he got all of the credit), and a crapload of other tricks like the darkslide. He started skating when he was 11 and turned pro when he was 13. And you should see some of his tricks they are beast nobody will ever be as good as him. Look him up on wikipedia - jakeduncan2

I can't believe people are saying Mullen only invented the Ollie. He also invented the kickflip and 360 flip and most modern tricks. Seriously some of the nerve these people on here must be born post 1997. Rodney is the best by a lot. People who say Tony hawk is the best probably don't skate. Any true skater knows he is not. Rodney by far he does that others can not do.

Rodney Mullen hands down. Tony Hawk might have been more popular and marketable, but skill-wise and especially style-wise there were many skaters who were way better than Tony. Being the best skater isn't about how many X Games you won or how many boards you sell or how many video games you come out with.

I do agree with Rodney Mullen at the #1 spot because the fact that he invented so many different variations of tricks at such a young age is incredible, he is the reason why we have street skating and how us skaters have the ability to create even more tricks that weren't even thought possible.

Do what you love and try not to look at what other people occupy themselves with. Most people seem restless and bounce around too much to focus or even pay attention enough to themselves to figure out exactly what they really do love, as opposed to what the people that surround them are doing. - Rodney Mullen -

Rodney is amazing everything he does is just flat out god like. But first of all this list should be changed to best street skaters or best vert skaters. Its like having a football player on a best baseball players list.

I was about to say... Rodney Mullen had BETTER be number 1 on this list.

He has created more skate tricks than any other single man, was literally kicked out of the X-Games for being too good, etc. , etc.

He is the undeniable king of street skating. - rrpaul

Rodney Mullen is THE best skater ever. I mean best ever! This dude can do anything if you give him a board. I think he's better than Tony Hawk, this man will blow your mind. Watch Rodney's videos. I can go on all day but I'll pace myself, bye

I'm 10 years old and I know what's up!

I agree Rodney Mullen is the best skater in the world. The way he moves his body is incredible. He moves like water! He also invented everything. No one could beat him for years! And he does maths! Genius! Thank you Rodney Mullen for contributing to human kind. We love you!

He is by far the best skateboarder ever if he was the most creative with all of his tricks and he is basically the inventor of freestyle skateboarding and he invented the basic's for skateboarding like the kickflip and the 360 flip

Rodney Mullen is the best skater I've seen and who cares if Tony Hawk jumped the great wall? Rodney Mullen is king of the street and I will be rooting for him when Tony And Rodney face-off. GO RODNEY MULLEN - One of your best fans, Tyler

I think that rodney is the best skater because he invent a lot of tricks like
kickflip, heelflip, darkslides in others.
i start the skate, in september 10 2010
i thanks him to make videos because of that I learn more

Without Rodney skateboarding would not be like it is today and all today's pro wouldn't be pros. actually come to think about it skateboarding would be lost, 7 year old kids would think of it as something grandpa used to do

Rodney is absolutely legendary. He invented most of the tricks you guys applying today like the kickflip etc. Tony hawk does not come close to the 'Street King'. If you disagree, check his track record for those born after 1994.

1. if anyone ever says oh he just does techy tricks I will kill them
2. if any one says tony hawk is better than rodney mullen I will not hesitate to kill them.
4. he made every trick and pretty much no one knows him. - MrSuperAwsome

Rodney Mullen kept me interested in skating when I was young, and now I share his videos with my son. Plan B, Second Hand Smoke session is the one I show people when they say, "who is Rodney Mullen".

Rodney Mullen is the best street skater ever and Tony Hawk is the best vert skater ever and they would kick each others asses all day long

Rodney Mullen made mostly every street skate trick today. Skateboarding wouldn't be the same with out him he makes skateboarding look easy. That's why I think he is the best and his birthday is the same as mine.

I used to think skaters were haters, but my friends kept on telling me to look rodney mullen up and when I saw how nice he was and how he had dedicated his life to skating as a lifestyle

he does unfreakingable tricks other skaters can't do. he inspired me and so many others to skate. today people like flatland and street, sure vert is good, but rodney makes skateboarding look insane

This dude is awesome, he invented kickflip. Tony hawk is a good vert skateboarder but rodney mullen is a sick street skateboarder.

Rodney is the father of modern skating, skating would not be what it is today if it were not for him, and he did this stuff long before it was the thing to do.

Rodney mullen is a legend of skating always will be!.. People may judge him for not being so popular! But its not about sponsor and things its about how well the skater is!