Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk has been the best known skateboarder for the last 10 years, but Hawk retired from competing in 1999. So why is he the top skater of this decade?
In 1999, the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game came out. Over the last 10 years, the Tony Hawk video game franchise (12 games! ) has moved mountains in promoting skateboarding, and has dominated the skateboarding video game scene.

Also in 1999, Tony Hawk became the first skater to pull off a 900, the holy grail of vert skateboarding. Over the last 10 years, many have tried to beat it, but no one has yet. I have no doubt that someone will land a 1080 eventually, but in the world of vert skating, Tony Hawk has remained unchallenged, even though he hasn't competed. That's pretty amazing.

Tony hawk should be the best skateboarder in the world because he has inspired me and my friend to start skateboarding

No Way! how can someone vote rodney mullen above Tony Hawk!? He has been the best for all my life and I wanna keep it that way! Plus he has far more Skating wisdom than all of these losers! Just because he doesn't skate in competitions doesn't mean he isn't the best skater ever.

Best Skater in the World Pretty much made a Name for himself, When I think of Skateboarder I think of Tony Hawk, Who in the World is Rodney Mullen? Average person will have no clue who that is. Tony Hawk is pretty much like Michael Jordan in Basketball, Worldwide known!

No one will ever accomplish the amount tony did during his career. Skateboarding would have died with out him during the time he was present. He not only kept the sport almost all tricks done to this day are variations of the ones he created. Mullen is the best when it comes to street but best ever all goes to hawk hands down. Just read his resume

This annoys me. I hate it how most of the skating world only likes these mainstream skaters... I mean they're good skaters and all but sometimes it just gets ridiculous. Tony Hawk... Hex bugs. The most annoying advert ever and Tony, it seems now the only thing you care care about is money... Get out there and do what you do best, don't give in to this stuff. I respect Rodney Mullen, basically invented street skating but P. Rod and sheckler... Give it rest. Street league... God damn that is crazy annoying. And also
'No one messes with the 'HAWK' I mean I get it you're a 5 year old with a wal Mart board so that's cool someone to look up to but once you actually skate you will appreciate the talented pros.

I think tony is a legend among all skaters.. He is pure and very stylish. Tony have give a lot of inspiration to all skaters with his games and charity work... So, keep on rollin tony.. We love you..

Tony Hawk is the best skater in the world he is the first and only person to do the 900 and is probably gonna eventually do a 1080 so what if people have invented tricks tony has done ones that no-one has ever done before there is no questions that he isn't the best

Tony Hawk is the best skater. No one else-no one can do a 900, so good like him. If not Tony, skate boarding would be a transport, or it would be just a board on wheels. If not Tony, Rodney would'nt be a skater. T. H. For the king!

First of no one has ever even come close to the 900 I'm sure it will happen but tony hawk is the best. also rodney mullen blow compared to tony hawk and is way worse and everyone knows it so suck it.

Tony hawk are you kidding me tony hawk was my idol I love him for all the skating he does and now here his son is skating ROCK ON the whole hawk family you rock tony hawk is the best skater out there

Mullen is inventive, but Tony Hawk is THE inventor. Skateboarding would be nothing without him, and kids like Ryan Sheckler, although talented, give skateboarders bad names with their egos. - HonestKeil17

He has the longest Wikipedia page of all, and has video games named after him. So if that doesn't make him the best then what does he did the world first 900 so I guess his skills are over 9000

Tony Hawk is way better than Rodney Mullen. Tony Hawk skate lab is awesome compared to Rodney Mullen. Rodney Mullen is lame compared to Tony Hawk. He is the best at doing 900 and if don't believe me then look on YouTube.

Tony Hawk was the first guy I ever saw doing insane flips and Hawk was on my favorite games which are Tony Hawk Underground 2 and Tony Hawk Project 8. Now and forever, you will always rule the world of skaters even if you are 2nd, Tony Hawk.

I don't even really like skating but I always will know tony is the best skater ever - DT-9-16-94

I think he is the best skater ever because he's got skill tricks and he's way better than Rodney Mullen

I like every thing about Tony I like his board I like how he does tricks

But I think the best trick is the 3-60

Tony Hawk is way better than rodney mullen in vert. Also many skateboard games have been made from his style like the 'tony hawks pro skater' and lots more and I haven't heard any of rodney's games like that.

I never wanted to meet Mulen. But Hawk, man, to skate with him would be a dream come true! Rodney is a virtuoso, but he was a freestyler most of his career & freestyle was lame

Tony hawk is the soul and legend of skateboarding and no one can change that maybe someone has a diffrent opinion than mine but he gave birth to skateboarding and he will always be the skateboarding god. Thanks tony and I am a huge fan and it is my honour to write here.

Tony Hawk in my opinion is the greatest or one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. He has given the most inspiration to people through everything he's done. He isn't in it for the fame. He skateboards because it's his passion. He has inspired me more than anyone.

You are all crazy rodney mullen and tony hawk are tied in my eyes and rodney mullen invented almost every flip trick anyone here knows and tony hawk was not the first to 900 however that doesn't change his legendary status

What dude Tony is King of the street and ramps and no Rodney will take him out I'm Like A Professional Skater was learning only from Tony Hawk And I never heard about Rodney Mulen everyone in our skate park only talk about The Birdman so come on Vote for Tony Hawk.. )!

He makes Rodney look like a skateboarder who needs training wheels He is just amazing at what he does and I bet he enjoys it and he is the best skater possibly in the whole entire world. Tony Hawk for the win

I like tony hawk out of all the skaters ever he is my favorite he should swap spots with Rodney Mullen he has been my idol since the first time he did a 360 degree flip he is awesome