Top 10 Best Skateboarding Logos

The most prestigious of skateboard logos. (My bad if I left out something Important.)

The Top Ten

1 Independent Trucks Logos Independent Trucks Logos

In particular, the independent iron cross logo is very popular. The company is famous for its trucks, clothing, and many other accessories. The independent trucks company also has a very big team made up of many popular skaters. So, basically, the Indy company makes very good quality products. - toptenAGAIN

2 Powell Peralta Logos Powell Peralta Logos

It has very classic and well-known logos, such as the skeleton, rat bones, and P logo. The company makes all kinds of products, form completes, to stickers. I personally respect the Powell Peralta company designs. - toptenAGAIN

3 Santa Cruz Logos

The Santa Cruz logos go back to the 80's and are still very popular today. It's not rare to see their signature screaming hand or the classic red dot on someone's deck, wheels, or shirts. Santa Cruz is always trending and being used by countless skaters. - toptenAGAIN

4 Spitfire Logos Spitfire Logos

Another One of my personal favorites, recognized by EVERYONE who skateboards. every time I try to decide what wheels to get, the spitfire logo always comes to mind. - toptenAGAIN

5 Blind Logos

The logo itself represents how skateboarding whent evolving by time. It's not rare to see someone with the wild designs that only blind makes on their decks. They also have a very solid team. - toptenAGAIN

6 Vans "Off the Wall" Logos

VERY popular for their skateboarding shoes. Worn by many pro skaters, amature skaters, and people who don't even skateboard, and I respect that. - toptenAGAIN

7 Girl Skateboard Logos

Although it does look like your everyday bathroom sign, Girl makes some of the best decks out there. When I see the Girl logo it reminds me of their skateboard team. - toptenAGAIN

8 Plan B Logos

In my opinion Plan B has had a very impressive team since the early 90's and still does. Despite it's small hiatus, Plan B still makes very good decks. - toptenAGAIN

9 Chocolate Skateboards Logos

The logo itself represents the team very well. The decks and designs this company makes are great in my opinion. - toptenAGAIN

10 Zero Logos

A very simple skull logo. In my opinion they make some of the best decks, and simple but cool designs. It's more than common to see someone with a zero deck, and it has a very respectable team. - toptenAGAIN

The Contenders

11 Thrasher Thrasher
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