G-4rce Album Reviews: Konnichiwa

Let me start with a direct stab at the list Why 2016 Was a Terrible Year for Music. At least for rap music, I gotta say that this year is actually really impressive. We did get some disappointments such as Drake's Views and Desiigner's New English, but there have been many great pieces of work such as YG's Still Brazy, Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book, 3001: A Laced Odyssey by Flatbush Zombies, Fire in the Church from Montana of 3000, Untitled Unmastered from Kendrick Lamar, Blonde by Frank Ocean, Beyonce's Lemonade, Malibu by Anderson .Paak (deserves a Grammy for damn sure) and, of course, The Life of Pablo from Kanye West. Really the best thing anyone could do if they want good music is step away from the car radio. Seriously, just walk the hell away from it and actually, like, search the damn internet for God's sake. 2016 is most definitely not a terrible year for music. That's outright bullf*ck. But anyways, I run into this English rapper who goes by the name of Skepta, someone I've never heard of but he's been in the game for quite some time. I Googled his latest project and there it was in black text: "Konnichiwa was met with critical acclaim". Why not give this one a shot?

Album: Konnichiwa
Artist: Skepta
Released May 6, 2016

Konnichiwa 9/10:
Already a solid start. Just what I'm looking for. I see this as an excellent way for Skepta to introduce himself to a newcomer like me, giving a smooth intro that slides into the main jump. The rhythm is heat and the Skepta's flow gives good promise.

Lyrics (ft. Novelist) 10/10:
After listening to the entire album several times, I've come to a solid conclusion that this is the best track in the entire project. The rhythm drop is nasty as hell and Skepta comes back at it with sick lyrics and a Devilman diss. Novelist also has very similar flow. As a matter of fact, it took me a while to figure out which verse Novelist actually did. That's how similar these guys both sound. This track is definitely in the books.

Corn On the Curb 9/10:
Solid track. Slow start then jumps into a strong rhythm and strong lyrics about Skepta's struggle to becoming famous in the UK.

Crime Riddim 7/10:
Hype rhythm but questionable lyrics about Skepta trying to avoid being arrested. Also, the chorus line is pretty sketchy. The skit at the end of the song also ties into the track's theme.

It Ain't Safe (ft. A$AP Bari) 7/10:
Not a bad track. Here Skepta drops lyrics about where he resides in Tottenham, London, which holds one of the highest crime rates in the country. He brings in common crimes such as drugs and violence and how much of a sh*thole the place is, but regardless of Skepta's high position, he hasn't turned soft. I have to say that the track could've had more to it, though.

Ladies Hit Squad (ft. D Double E and ASAP Nast) 5/10:
This song is skippable. Skepta tries his best here, but the track as a whole is slow, boring, and a n*gga can't do the chorus line justice. Toss it...

Numbers (ft. Pharrell Williams) 9/10:
This is your basic dancing, chill out and have fun kind of song. The rhythm and mixing is solid and the meaning of the song is also pretty good, stressing the fact that record labels are more concerned about the numbers records sell instead of the music within them.

Man 7/10:
Not a bad track. More of a turn up song that's literally for the clubs, both beat and lyrics where Skepta lashes out at those who aren't in his circle over the high energy beat.

Shutdown 7.5/10:
Sort of the same theme as Man. Skepta brings in his fire music and it's "shutdown". The beat could've had more work to it and the lyrics aren't the same as what Skepta was doing before.

That's Not Me (ft. Jme) 8/10:
Skepta and his brother are back up to speed with strong lyrics and flow documenting his relationship with the music industry. Good track.

Detox (ft. BBK) 8/10:
Smooth rhythm, some more fire verses from Skepta where he talks about his party life in which he can't resist. BBK could've done better with his part here, though.

Text Me Back 8/10:
This track could've had more work put into it but the lyrics are pretty solid, where Skepta addresses the women in his life of how his busy life keeps him from doing other things to be respected and appreciated by them.

Overall Score 7.8/10 Good:
For my first time listening to Skepta, I gotta say that I'm very satisfied. This guy can rap. No seriously, this guy has some pretty legitimate skills. I've also taken the liberty of listening to his other work and, by all means, Konnichiwa stands out from the rest. The production on this album pumps and Skepta's flow and lyricism is very strong. It may not be entirely memorable, but it damn sure is entertaining and gets the job done one way or another. I also like how Skepta brings some hood knowledge from the UK and include the dark side of London. Konnichiwa is in the books for 2016. Definitely worth listening to while you wait for that drop from Kendrick and J. Cole, if that sh*t ever does comes out. Please God, let it come out...

I have another review to finish quickly. Some more anime sh*t until I get into a more exciting review next week. Until then, peace :)


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