Best Ski Mask the Slump God Songs

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1 Catch Me Outside Catch Me Outside Cover Art

Even though all these other songs are great, this will be considered a classic one day

This is gonna be a classic, guaranteed. 5/5

So damn catchy.

2 BabyWipe BabyWipe Cover Art

That flow is so fast. He’s got insane flows and stuff. 4/5

3 Faucet Failure Faucet Failure Cover Art

Is this supposed to be good?

This song is hilarious lol!

Best song ever

4 Iloveitwhentheyrun
5 Nuketown Nuketown Cover Art

This should be much higher, I had fast flow with a calm and cocky attitude, then it went insane and brutal. Really like the styles and transitions between them.

The fact that people actually consider this trash good says a lot about this generation.

Lil Wyte is better than Ski Mask the Trash God, and he raps about more than just drugs. Listen to Keep Going, Lesson Learned, Leather so Soft freestyle, Go Up, Slave to Pain, the Wolves and Plot Thickens.

~ AlphaQ

6 Take a Step Back Take a Step Back Cover Art

So this is what people consider good hip hop nowadays? SMH. I literally lost IQ points listening to this. This has got to be one of the worst sounding instrumentals of all time.

Should be higher

7 Going Down to Underwater

This song needs to be released to streaming services, it’s so good

8 RIP Roach RIP Roach Cover Art

Beat drops harder than my dad dropped me

This song burnt my house down lmao """

9 Bird Is The Word Bird Is The Word Cover Art
10 Reborn to Rebel Reborn to Rebel Cover Art

Only decent one I've heard so far

The Contenders

11 Adventure Time
12 Coolest Monkey in the Jungle Coolest Monkey in the Jungle Cover Art

Hella underrated

13 Doihavethesause? Doihavethesause? Cover Art

Insane flow and very funny and creative lyrics. One of his best songs

HI! Good afternoon.

14 Off the Wall! Off the Wall! Cover Art

This is cool when it has xxxtentacion and ski mask together

Defintely his best song with XXX.

15 What in XXXTarnation What in XXXTarnation Cover Art

Anything with xxx is good

Another good collab with XXX, their collabs are always good.

16 Foot Fungus Foot Fungus Cover Art

This is laughably bad

17 Planet Drool
18 Like a Soccer Mom

Goes hard with that flow

19 JustLikeMyPiss JustLikeMyPiss Cover Art
20 With Vengeance
21 Unmask
22 Iloveyouraunt
23 Vetty Vrocker
24 Duragflowz
25 Billy & Mandy

This song has an amazing sample and killer bars, folks this is why DID is his best mixtape.

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