Top 10 Skilled Cube UHC Minecraft Players

A minecraft SMP group called the Cube. This is not smp, but rather UHC.

The Top Ten

1 Grapeapplesauce

This guy has WON 4 SEASONS and three that in a ROW

This guy deserves first! He have 3 season wins in a row and another win(not in a row).Its really hard to make to it to four 4 wins and 3 in a row,but this guy just break the record!

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2 TalekioYT

Talekio won 2 seasons in a row plus 2 more wins. That is insane. Especially the amount of ping he gets. - Zakar

Talekio is a funny good player, I wish he'd be brung back onto the UHC. - idkdan

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3 Huahwi

He is actually pretty good, but he just had an unlucky season 11 and his teammate died in s. 12 - Zakar

Very good at the UHC's, took out a team of 2 all by himself. - idkdan

He just beat another great pvper in 2014,that is Xnestorio,that was really hard to beat him.He really nailed it.

4 DfieldMark

One season we got 14 kills. - idkdan

Wished he still played minecraft he is GREAT almost voted Grape but remembered Dfield

5 TofuuGaming
7 Kiingtong

He's great at the bow

8 xBayani
9 PatClone
10 TheCreeperFarts

CreeperFarts is close to best. Great pvper, not the best PVE player though. - Zakattack2

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The Contenders

11 xNestorio

This guy is so good at uhc, search into Google xNestorio UHC. Nestorio is so good at UHC and is great with a bow and good with a sword. He can also use a rod and can tame horses. He wins many UHCs and is very good.

U need to be higher on this list u r number 1

12 Hbomb94

He has won 3 season I am pretty sure

13 Pokediger1
14 GraserMC
15 ThatOneTomahawk V 1 Comment
16 NoBoom V 1 Comment
17 MrMitch361
18 FollowKevn
19 JWingWangWong
20 Vasehh
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