Top 10 Skilled Cube UHC Minecraft Players

A minecraft SMP group called the Cube. This is not smp, but rather UHC.

The Top Ten

1 Grapeapplesauce

This guy has WON 4 SEASONS and three that in a ROW

This guy deserves first! He have 3 season wins in a row and another win(not in a row).Its really hard to make to it to four 4 wins and 3 in a row,but this guy just break the record!

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2 TalekioYT

Talekio won 2 seasons in a row plus 2 more wins. That is insane. Especially the amount of ping he gets. - Zakar

Talekio is a funny good player, I wish he'd be brung back onto the UHC. - idkdan

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3 Huahwi

He is actually pretty good, but he just had an unlucky season 11 and his teammate died in s. 12 - Zakar

Very good at the UHC's, took out a team of 2 all by himself. - idkdan

He just beat another great pvper in 2014,that is Xnestorio,that was really hard to beat him.He really nailed it.

4 DfieldMark

One season we got 14 kills. - idkdan

Wished he still played minecraft he is GREAT almost voted Grape but remembered Dfield

5 TofuuGaming
7 Kiingtong

He's great at the bow

8 xBayani
9 PatClone
10 xNestorio

This guy is so good at uhc, search into Google xNestorio UHC. Nestorio is so good at UHC and is great with a bow and good with a sword. He can also use a rod and can tame horses. He wins many UHCs and is very good.

U need to be higher on this list u r number 1

The Contenders

11 TheCreeperFarts

CreeperFarts is close to best. Great pvper, not the best PVE player though. - Zakattack2

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12 Hbomb94

He has won 3 season I am pretty sure

13 Pokediger1
14 GraserMC
15 ThatOneTomahawk

He is bester than graserMC

16 NoBoom

No boom is boom

17 MrMitch361
18 FollowKevn
19 JWingWangWong
20 Vasehh
21 Strauberryjam
22 TheCampingRusher
23 Heyimbee

She okay, not on the top ten

24 Curtis

He has only played one cube uhc season, but he is very good and did well in it

25 Jeruhmi
26 Private Fearless
27 Child Dolphin
28 Parker_Games

Best Of The Best

29 TBNRfrags
30 Purpl3V4P3


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