Top Ten Most Skilled Geometry Dash Players

The Top Ten

1 Riot
2 Cyclic

He is better than Riot. He had beat Sonic Wave legitemetly. (Proof:Cyclic's PC is terrible
so orbs not beating stuff could have been a glitch. Plus, his waves DOES beat! That
doesen't make sense when he had hacked. The confessing stuff could have been fake
to shut his fan's words of please come back up.) He had knocked down Mad House, A Bizzare
Phantasm, The Hell Zone (He had beated it by cutting. Then he decided to beat it
legetemetly.), Cataclysm (The first one to beat it.), ICDX, Windy Landscape, The Ultimate
Phase and so on. Whilst Riot had beat Bloodbath, it is not known to be hard as Sonic Wave.
He had beat ICDX and Windy Landscape but not as much as what Cyclic did.

3 SoulsTRK
4 Powerbomb
5 Surv

How did I forget him? O_O - Nateawesomeness

6 Sandstorm
7 Manix
8 Andromeda
9 Quasar
10 Giron David

The Contenders

11 Krazyman50

How did I forget him tooO_O - Nateawesomeness

Just.. the will he has. Amazing.

12 Noobas
13 Sunix
14 Creepy Dash
15 Wooshi999

Get with the times people, bloodbath is number 20 on the list

16 Knobbelboy

He beat Bloodlust

17 Master1204
18 Npesta

Verifier of WOW (he got 88%) - Nhok

19 Cool Dash
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