Top 10 Skillet, Three Days Grace and Linkin Park Songs


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1 Animal I Have Become

Love this song and will sing this every time there is a rock karaoke night in my house

IF YOU chose this song you are a true Three Days Grace fan. If not you NEED to listen to t
Them. (they are amazing)

2 Monster

This is the best song on the list
My Top 10 For This List
1. Monster
2. Not Gonna Die
3. Awake And Alive
4. Animal I Have Become
5.Falling Inside The Black
6. Hero
7. In The End
8. Numb
9. Somewhere I Belong
10. What I Done

3 Never Too Late

I love this song. But, it's not like any other song.

4 Awake and Alive
5 Riot

A song to let your anger. lisen to it. let's start a riot,a riot. let's start a riot.

6 What I Done

"What I Done", it's "What I've Done" dumbass

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7 Numb

This song is legendary and why are there so little skillet songs on this list?

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8 Not Gonna Die V 1 Comment
9 Fallen Angel
10 Pain

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11 Hero

This song is still my favorite rock song - paasadani

Linkin Park rip off song. Skillet always kinda sucked.

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12 The Last Night
13 I Hate Everything About You
14 In the End
15 Falling Inside the Black
16 Home
17 Dead Inside
18 One Step Closer
19 Comatose
20 I Am Machine
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1. Animal I Have Become
2. Never Too Late
3. Riot
1. Animal I Have Become
2. What I Done
3. Pain
1. Not Gonna Die
2. The Last Night
3. Falling Inside the Black

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