Top 10 Skillet, Three Days Grace and Linkin Park Songs


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1 Animal I Have Become

Love this song and will sing this every time there is a rock karaoke night in my house

IF YOU chose this song you are a true Three Days Grace fan. If not you NEED to listen to t
Them. (they are amazing)

2 Monster


This is the best song on the list
My Top 10 For This List
1. Monster
2. Not Gonna Die
3. Awake And Alive
4. Animal I Have Become
5.Falling Inside The Black
6. Hero
7. In The End
8. Numb
9. Somewhere I Belong
10. What I Done

3 Never Too Late

I love this song. But, it's not like any other song.

4 Riot

A song to let your anger. lisen to it. let's start a riot,a riot. let's start a riot.

5 Numb

This song is legendary and why are there so little skillet songs on this list?

Should be number 1

6 Awake and Alive
7 I Hate Everything About You
8 What I Done

"What I Done", it's "What I've Done" dumbass

Amazing song, lyrics and solo

My favorite song ever

Love the dj shake

9 Not Gonna Die


10 The Last Night

The Contenders

11 Fallen Angel
12 Hero

This song is still my favorite rock song - paasadani

Linkin Park rip off song. Skillet always kinda sucked.

Aww, sweet God! This is my #1 FAVORITE song of ALL! I LOVE IT!

13 Breaking the Habit
14 Pain
15 In the End
16 Whispers In the Dark
17 Falling Inside the Black
18 Home
19 Dead Inside
20 One Step Closer
21 Don't Stay - Linkin Park
22 Comatose
23 I Am Machine
24 Under My Skin - Skillet
25 Somewhere I Belong

Since I Love all these bands so much, I Thought It Kind of Sucked To Have to Place Each Band on top of each other, but that seems to be the case. So, Due to This, I have decided to vote for one of my favorite Linkin Park songs, Somewhere I Belong. Why'd I Vote for A Linkin Park Song, You Ask? Because they don't have enough votes on this list. I Personally Prefer 3DG (but not by much) but Linkin Park being so low is saddening. They're a Great Band, and "Somewhere I Belong" Is Ons of the Most Relatable & rocking Songs by Them. Really Innovative DJ Sweeping, Heavy, Powerful Guitar Riffs, & Obviously The Incredible Vocal Interplay between The Powerful Angelic Singing & Menacing Roar Screams of Chester Bennington & The The Smooth Flowing Rapping & Powerful Guitar Riff Playing of Instrumentalist of Emcee & Multi Instrumentalist Mike Shinoda. Together, All These Talents Combine to Make One Of The Best Alt Rock/Rap Metal/Alt Metal songs of the decade, Somewhere I Belong.

This 2+ min tune never urges you to play forward or stop the song! and in the end that's all you ask for

26 Live Free or Let Me Die
27 It's All Over
28 Final Masquerade
29 Time of Dying
30 New Divide
31 Just Like You
32 Let It Die
33 Rise
34 Gone Forever
35 Savior

It's a good song but I would rate it a 6/10

36 Faint
37 Scared
38 Break
39 One-X
40 Lucy
41 Life Starts Now
42 It's Not Me, It's You
43 Burn It Down
44 Now or Never
45 Overrated
46 Believe
47 Are You Ready
48 No More
49 What I Believe
50 Burn
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1. Animal I Have Become
2. Never Too Late
3. Riot
1. Animal I Have Become
2. What I Done
3. Pain
1. I Hate Everything About You
2. Breaking the Habit
3. Numb

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