Top 10 Skills In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In Skyrim, it is essential to pick which skill trees to grace carefully, as you will probably only ever get 50 or so points to allocate. So here are the top 10 skills for the best/most fun gameplay!

The Top Ten Skills In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

1 One-Handed

The most essential skill for fighting in skyrim. Combine it with a shield, healing, or destruction spell or just dual wield!

Probably a skill I have in all of my accounts and builds I make! It is very versatile as well as powerful, if you invest in all 5 Armsman points, you can deal massive damage with to any opponent as well as probably be the literally the most versatile person in the battle. One-handed allows for the use of other great skills like destruction, block and my personal favorite combo skill, restoration.

One-Handed weapons swing faster than Two-Handed weapons by default, and daggers are the fastest of them all.

Make a Dragon-Bone dagger, use the "Elemental Fury" shout, and watch as your enemies fall to blows that happen so fast they can't yell "HEY WATCH IT! " as they die.

If you know what I mean

2 Sneak

Those damage bonuses are absurd! I've killed a dragon in 1 hit with a sneak attack.

This is what makes the shadow tree

I sat in high hrothgar for about an hour punching the gray beards in the back. IT WAS WORTH IT. (If you don't know this trick use it! Wait until one of the gray beards is meditating on the diamond where you first demonstrate your shout inside high hrothgar. Sneak behind him and wait until you're hidden then use your fists to punch them which should do sneak attack damage. Keep repeating this process until your sneak is 100! ) - Katekat123

Sneak in Skyrim isn't used to sneak past enemies, it's a damage multiplier. And oh my it's broken!

3 Light Armor

While it's not as good as Heavy Armor (in my humble opinion), It's still helpful in situations where speed is more important than tankiness.

Granted, once you get the "Conditioning" perk in Heavy Armor, it's a moot point, but this skill shouldn't be overlooked.
If nothing else, it's some easy leveling if you let a bandit attack, as long as you watch your health.

good for sneaking

Sure, Heavy Armour with the right perks can render this useless. But Light armour with the right perks can render even the Daedric Armour useless. Plus the Dragonscale looks f****** bad***

4 Archery

since we can't have a sniper rifle like we want this will have to do >:)

The archery system in skyrim is fantastic as well as powerful, especially since it can be combined with a sneak attack.

Essential skill. You need the long distance hits every know and then, especially when raiding a fort or fighting a dragon

Archery is very important to Skyrim, because the dragons are most likely going to try to stay away from you and spam shouts. Plus, who doesn't like the slow-motion stealth kills?

5 Destruction Destruction is a German thrash metal band. They are considered one of the "The Big Four" of the German thrash metal scene, the others being Kreator, Sodom and Tankard.

Who wouldn't want to shoot lightning,fire and ice at there enemies

Magic is the way to go in this game. Very useful for blasting away enemies and also easy to use.Especially destruction magic. If you are new to the game (like me) I would highly recommend using it. Especially fire bolts.Those things are as overpowered as the holy Jesus!

Destruction spells are how you perform your initial blitzkreig (the most effective way of killing) on any enemy you face. If they fail to kill, then your one-handed can come in handy.

Better damage than bows
Better range than swords

Destruction spells are without a doubt the most important type for any Mage or spell combo player

6 Smithing

Easy to level if you have the materials, and being able to make Plate armors at level 13 makes you practically untouchable since while enemies scale to your level, their equipment does not.

This in turn allows you to more-or-less stand there in safety to take a few blows (leveling up your Heavy or Light armor skills, depending) or just hold the block button (leveling up your Block skill)

Even better, with the Arcane Smithing perk, you can now upgrade weapons and armor that are enchanted.
A lot of the best equipment in the game you either find enchanted, or you'll want to put enchantments on yourself.

So basically, leveling Smithing will almost directly level Heavy and Light armors, One-Handed and Two-Handed (better weapons = more damage = faster skill leveling), Enchanting, and Block.

That's 7 skills for the price of a bajillion iron daggers. (CHEAP! )

Anyone else level up their character 10 times in a row by forging 500 iron daggers?

I went around to each for I could find, bought all the iron ingots and leather strips they had and by the end I had 500 something iron daggers and had gained 60 levels

Smithing is the way to go you work on that and you will have good items eaarly in game

7 Pickpocket

Nothing quite like the meschevious fun of systematically looting a random peasant then just walking off.

Taking people keys for there house? Yes please...

Extra pockets at level 50 (carry 100lb extra)

good for a no crime build and u want to kill someone

8 Speech

Speech Is A Basic, and awfully overlooked, awesome skill. Bribing guards, investing in stores... - TheCanadianLemon

If you have a high enough speech you can kill someone in the middle of a town and tell the guards you didn't do it and they'll believe you. It's hilarious

An excellent skill to invest in that is easily overlooked. 2 or 3 points invested will have you drowning in cash in no time.


9 Two-Handed

Who doesn't want to go around as a tank and destroy everything with the weapons with the highest attack ratings.

It may be slower than One-handed, but it is absolutely Devastating even more so when you level it up, the slowness of the weapon is no problem because NPC's don't really block when they should and you can still do plenty of Damage when they are blocking.

Awesome because I'm level 69 so 2 more perks left

Nothing is better than decapitating guards with a greatsword. - LongLiveTheMetricSystem

10 Conjuration

He does all of the dirty work and you come in for the final blow and it's like having a second follow. Why learn destruction spells when you can have someone else do them for you. Also, conjuring Dremora who doesn't want to do that.

This makes playing the game on legendary much more easy, at 100 you can have 2 permanent summons

Conjuration is the best by fair so you use the spell that spawns you a bow it cost like 1000 gold I killed mirak with that weapon and I was only level 16 and easing the dead that is the best

Dude atronarchs, using guy you just killed? Come on. sick

The Contenders

11 Alchemy

Alchemy is a tie with Enchanting for most useful. The route to power in Skyrim is understanding that effects stack. Once you have acquired items with Fortify Alchemy this skill becomes a beast. High level alchemists equipped with a full suit of enchanted gear can craft potions in mass quantities that sell for $1000s of $$$ and can essentially make you the master of any trade, potions that make your Smithing 150% more powerful or your destruction magic, or your sneaking or... you get the idea. Alchemy is also easy to level. The key to is purchase every ingredient in shops and pick every flower and butterfly you see and craft grind those potions out.

Alchemy is a way to immortality in this game, it's how you become mortal immortal. You only need this and enchanting to become a real beast.

The most profitable skill which is useful in most situations-potions can be used for pretty much everything.

Perhaps By far my number one ☝️ Just one of my poisons are worth 1,000,000,000 dollars

My bow permanently will do 2,540,000,000 billion damage points (permanently)from alchemy.

ON an Xbox with zero online mods

my smithing elixir improves weapons by 14,000% not 150%

12 Heavy Armor

The advantage/disadvantage between Heavy and Light armor is very much what you would expect.
Heavy = greater protection, slower movement
Light = lesser protection, faster movement

But Heavy armor has the perk "Conditioning", which removes any speed/Stamina penalty.
That alone makes Heavy armor the superior armor.

Light armor is better for Sneaking, yes, but if you're wearing Heavy armor, you're not bothering with Sneaking in the first place, so the only real change is going from a tank who can go 20 mph to a tank that can go 50 mph.

All the benefits, but now you can slay your enemies even faster.

Superior to Light armor at any given point, the only downside is your early game. For Skyrim veterans heavy armor is a must.

Heavy Armour works really well as long as you have two-handed weapon, crossbow (or a good bow) and either lots of Magika potions with fast healing or lots of healing potions. Also, conditioning.

13 Illusion

I love this, use invisibilty and sneak combo to reck

Master illusion spells cn literally clear out half an enemy cave with a single spellcast

14 Lockpick

Very useful for thieves

If you want to get really good treasure or fight karastaag you need better lockpick!

break in and unleash an army of Daedra

15 Block

Block is so easily ignored, but it is incredibly useful. It can save your life and eventually be used as a weapon!

Imagine never taking melee damage from any foe unless you are staggered

In terms of shields I would only use the spellbreaker for its amazing ability to double as a ward. I use it to obliterate ancient dragons. - Katekat123

Now you can finally stand up to that mob of dragur deathlords or that forsworn briarheart!

16 Stamina

The best perk, I wonder why people call me a noob


17 Restoration

Some of the most difficult battles can be won by simple positioning.
So to position correctly, you need to sprint to keep the enemy chasing you, which costs stamina.
With the right perk, Restoration (healing) can restore your stamina.
Which means you always have the means to survive a fight.

No one is going to remember your failed frontal assault where you died, but they'll always remember you getting away fast enough to take it down on the second try.

Not even the most fearsome dragon can overcome the age old tactic of backing away and spamming that healimg spell.

Restoration has some amazing passive perks. Other than that the skill tree is useless in my opinion.

It doesn't matter who you are or how powerful your build if you're dead because of low Health.

It can be perked to restore Stamina, which greatly aids Block for infinite shield-bashing; plus infinite sprinting is utilitarian perfection.

An easy-to-miss perk with two ranks improves your Magicka regeneration by 50%, which stacks with any other Magicka-regen you may have; which means more healing, more Stamina-regen; which means more baddies dead and you not dead.

And if that wasn't enough, there's ANOTHER perk that effectively saves your life for free with only a minute-or-so cooldown.

So on the off-chance you nearly bite the dust, you come back from the brink, ready to finish the fight.

Even the most edgey red-n-black lone-wolf-wannabe would be remiss to not have this skill.

18 Enchanting

Enchanting is the most overpowered skill in Skyrim. With the combination of Alchemy, one can surpass the normal limits of damage and damage reduction. One would not need any other skill other than basic smithing (to improve enchanted items), extensive alchemy (at least the first five perks combined with a high enchanting level to max out alchemy to 100 or the first five levels of the first perk which increases alchemy concoctions by 100%, Physician, another perk that increases potions by 25%, and benefactor, which increases beneficial potions efficacy by 25%) and extensive enchanting (level 80 to 100. 100 for two enchantments on an item, but 80% for the initial increase of enchanting power by 100%, insightful enchanter, which increases enchanting's power by another 25%, and corpus enchanter for health, stamina, and magicka enchantments to be 25% stronger. Lastly, extra effect allows the enchanter/enchantress to add another enchantment onto an item, which increases worth and the ...more

Enchanting can allow you to create superbly powerful equipment, and help with a lot of QOL improvements on many skills. It opens up a plethora of extra buffs and improvements to any character.

I have 100 level enchanting, and one day I decided to create some dragon scale destruction magic armor. After creating it, I was toying around with some spells and suddenly realized I was casting destruction spells and the magicka bar wasn't showing up. That is because the destruction enchantments I used combine to make the suit use 100% less magicka when casting destruction spells, so now I can cast any destruction spell I want, with no cost at all, no matter what level destruction I am skill-wise. Enchanting is by far the most useful, you are invincible if you are good at enchanting, and I think smithing comes into a close second place.

Now your bow can paralyze people, AND set them on fire!

19 Alteration

Ill make my point quickly: activate the atranotch perk with the resist magic perk and top that off with activating the atranotch birth stone and you absorb 80% magic. with a further resistance of 30%. point in case ____ NO MAGE CAN TOUCH YOU... that's absorb 30 + 50 and resist 30. and being a breton increases this with +25%. but that's ueless

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