Top Ten Skin Colors That Would Look Ridiculous If They Were Somebody's Skin Color

The Top Ten

1 Purple

Thanos much? - xandermartin98

Blech! Purple is my fave color but wowza!

2 Blue

I'd be singing along to Eiffel 65 - Blue if I had this skin color. - Crysis

I wouldn't mind, having Blue, Skin. - nintendofan126

The skin color of LITTLE KRISHNA - malamJONES

3 Red

I will look like I'm related to satan - RoseCandyMusic

4 Neon Yellow
5 Neon Pink
6 Green

You'd look like you were sick. But I guess you would get a comfy bed and room service lol - Joansb

7 Gold
8 Silver
9 Brown


People can be brown

10 Neon Orange

The Contenders

11 Pink

Pink would look weird I would make fun of them - 2storm

Patrick Star. - PatrickStar3

12 Magenta
13 Orange

Donald Trump

14 Black
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