Best Skip Beat Characters

A list of all the awesome characters in the anime Skip Beat!

The Top Ten

1 Ren Tsuruga

Ren is the king of the entertainment industry! He is a very dedicated and talented actor, and so very hot! He is kind, smart, and just a really wonderful person.

He does anything to protect kyoko chan.heis really cool

2 Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko is just amazing. After Sho left, she was able to pick up all the pieces, and create a life for herself that was better than anything she had before. On top of that, she is an amazing actress, and became very successful. And she is just so very adorable, and lovable!

3 Sho Fuwa

Even though in the beginning he seems like a total jerk, as the story moves you get to see that he is not all bad. He may not be a good guy, but he is hilarious and at times, adorable.

4 Yukihito Yashiro

Yashiro is really cute. He is always cheering for Ren and Kyoko, and he always says and does the cutest things.

5 Kanae Kotonami

Kanae is always so cold to Kyoko, and that's what makes her lovable. She also has photographic memory, and is a pretty good actress.

6 Reino

Reino is very creepy at first, however as you become more acquainted with him, he is actually only a little creepy. And he is really hot, and he can sing.

7 Saena Mogami
8 Hiroaki Ogata

Director Ogata is so feminine and cute, and he is so very sensitive! He seems so fragile, I just want to hug him!

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9 Hiou Uesugi

Hiou is so small and cute! And he's a really good child actor. And it's funny that no one can ever guess his age.

10 Lory Takarada

He is always going overboard on everything, and makes everything fantastical. And he does the wildest things, like wearing Love Me pink.

The Contenders

11 Maria Takarada
12 Shoko Aki

Being Sho's manager must be really hard, and she puts in lots of effort to help Sho. And she even tries to help Sho with his feelings for Kyoko.

13 Haruki Asami
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