Top Ten Best Skits

A skit is a little story. These are all Boy scout and Girl Scout skits. No skits from shows.

The Top Ten

1 War Skit

( There are three people on each side one side with guns and one side of people with nothing. The side with no guns are suspects ).
General: Hands Up! (the side 1 put their hands up )
General : Ready aim...
Suspect 1: Tornado! (side to runs to cover )
General: Take cover!
Police 1 : Wait, we're not in Kanas!
Side two: Dur! (come back to places )
General : Ready aim...
Suspect 2:Hurricane!
General: Take cover!
Police 2: Wait we're not near water! (run back to places )
General : Ready aim...
Suspect 3: Fire! ( side 2 shoot him/her ).
Isn't it funny? - funnyuser

2 Invisible Bench

(one person is pretending to sit on a bench There can be as many people as you want )
Person two: What are you doing?
Person one : Sitting on the invisible bench.
Person two : Can I join?
Person one : Yes. ( Go on as long as you want )
Workers : What are you doing?
All That's on the bench : Sitting on the invisible bench.
Workers : That bench was moved yesterday. ( Everyone else fall over ) - funnyuser

I remember that one! Yeah, my cousin showed me the video of that. - NerdyPweeps

3 Tent Skit

( Two people are sitting )
Person 1 : Can I sleep in the tent?
Person 2: No
Person 1: Please?
Person 2: No
Person 1 : Fine. ( A group of people come up and start pretending to beat him/her up )
(Repeat 1 time )
Person one : Can I sleep in the tent?
Person two : No
Person one : please
Person two: No
Person one : Please?
Person two :Fine.
One of the people from the group : We already beat up the person outside, so lets beat up the person in the tent. - funnyuser

4 No Skit

( There are people lined up in a line )
(One person is crying )
The person beside the kid that's crying : What's wrong? ( the girl/boy whispers what's wrong so that the audience doesn't hear them. ( keep on going as long as you want )
One person stands up and says : What's wrong?
All: We don't have a skit! - funnyuser

5 Wee Wee

( Boys/girls are lined up )
One girl at the end says : I have to go wee ( pass it on all the way to the teacher )
Teacher : Hold it ( the kids pass it all the way down to the end girl )
End kid: I can't. ( pass it back the teacher )
Teacher : Go ahead. ( pass it back to the kid )
End kid : Ok. Wee! ( Stand up and say Wee! - funnyuser

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