Top 10 Skull Fist Songs

Skull Fist are a Canadian metal band formed in 2006 that plays speed metal and heavy metal.
They are considered to be an important part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) - an ongoing movement that in recent years has seen the return of traditional sounding metal bands.
Skull Fist are getting lots of positive reviews.

I love their fast neo-classical guitar style played by Zach 'Jackie' Slaughter, who's also the lead singer.
No False Metal (demo) (2006)
Heavier Than Metal EP (2010)
Head of the Pack (2011)
Chasing The Dream (2014)

The Top Ten

1 Get Fisted

This is a top 10 speed metal song. Awesome instrumental section, almost 2 min long. Cool riff and chorus. - Metal_Treasure

2 Hour to Live

Speed metal again. Great solo (2014 album) - Metal_Treasure

3 Heavier Than Metal

Despite it's title, the song isn't heavy. A very cool song though. - Metal_Treasure

4 Head of the Pack
5 Ride the Beast
6 Blackout
7 Sign of the Warrior
8 Commanding the Night
9 You're Gonna Pay

From the 2014 album. I like the video, too. - Metal_Treasure

10 Like a Fox

The Contenders

11 Mean Street Rider
12 Bad for Good

From the 2014 album. A slower song, traditional metal. While the riff is kinda generic, the solo is cool. - Metal_Treasure

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