Top 10 Skylanders from Adventure Through Superchargers

This list is only based off of the Skylanders I currently own, I would not be able to judge Skylanders I do not have. This is why Imaginators is not up here. (This does not include Supercharger vehicles, only the characters.)

The Top Ten

1 Flashwing

Flashwing was one of my absolute favorite Skylanders, not to mention my first version of her was a Lightcore. She would kill everything when I summon her, the she would get chased around by enemies. Too bad for them, she can attack backwards while running, not to mention she deals decent damage, and she can heal herself with crystals that she puts in the walls. - Trackaxion

2 Drobot

Drobot was my Second Skylander, back when Giants was new. All that I can really say about him is his attacks are weak, but he has massive dps. He has, as far as I know, the fastest attack speed in Skylanders. With that speed, he just sits in a corner, grinding away. Not much can touch him. - Trackaxion

3 Zap

I got Zap because I wanted all of the Gen 1 dragons, then I realized his potential. Max his upgrades, then sea slime slide all around. any enemy that gets caught gets electrocuted and stunned, then you can start shooting them from a distance and continually stun them until they die. Must be really annoying for the enemies. - Trackaxion

4 Lob Star

Lob Star was my first main on Trap Team and he destroyed everything. I would always charge him up then spam his primary attack until I "ran out of steam" then charge up again. He deals a lot of damage from charging up, and he has high dps. He can also run quickly and hold his attack to charge it up and give him a shield. - Trackaxion

5 Spyro

I really wanted Spyro to be number 1. He is my favorite, but not the best. He's quick on his feet and attacks fairly quick. His ram attack deals constant damage while keeping the enemy from attacking. He can shoot three fire balls at a time then charge for a super damage fire ball. He can also fly quickly to get around easily or evade attacks. - Trackaxion

6 Wildfire

Wildfire was another one of those Skylanders I really wanted, but was expensive everywhere. I finally got him, and my first experience with him was in Nightmare mode of Trap Team. Level 1 Wildfire with no upgrades ABSOLUTLY AHNIALATED EVERYTHING. He is the heaviest hitter I own, and to add to it, he as a fire chain that pulls any enemies trying to run away towards him so he can destroy them. Then you get his other combos and Beast Form. He is, hands down, the strongest Skylander, but not the best at fighting. He can take a lot of hit and go down easily, so you have to defeat your enemy quickly. - Trackaxion

7 Stormblade

I recently got Stormblade and instantly fell in love. The first part about her, and my favorite feature in a Skylander, was her speed. She was made to be a speed demon, impossible to catch, and her attacks both hurt and move fast. I have never lost a single battle with Stormblade. - Trackaxion

8 Blades

I wanted Blades mainly because he's a dragon, but he was hard to get because he was expensive everywhere I looked. I finally got lucky to get him, and I found out why he was expensive (not just because he was a dragon). At first glance, he's a melee character, but not too strong, but his strength is in his cyclone. He can create a cyclone that follows him and damages enemies. Not too much damage, until you throw your daggers into it. It destroys any enemy, and if you get a high enough upgrade, the daggers will deal constant damage. All Blades really has to do is create a dagger cyclone and run around, refilling it every now and then. - Trackaxion

9 Smolderdash

Smolderdash was one of those Skylanders that I didn't mean to get, but then loved it. She's alright on her own, fire whips, small stars in her hands, but once you get her upgraded enough, she can go Super Sayan. She gets a brief power up that gives he two whips, a black star instead, and her attack speed triples. Smolderdash has been one of those Skylanders I use when I want to take some rage out. - Trackaxion

10 Slobber Tooth

A lot of people might not have expected Slobber Tooth to be on this list. Honestly, I didn't think he'd be that good when I first saw him. I actually got him by accident, then I noticed his potential. While he not the best at most scenarios, he is amazing against small enemies. His primary attack is just a normal melee attack, but his secondary allows him to eat a small enemy (store them in his mouth). After a while, Slobber Tooth will swallow the enemy, instantly killing them and allowing Slobber Tooth to regain health. Or, if you're near an edge, you can just spit them out to instantly kill them. If you get the right upgrade, the spit can even be poisonous to other enemies. Slobber Tooth is really good, but very situational, which is why he's at the bottom of the list. - Trackaxion

The Contenders

11 Terrafin
12 Rattle Shake

This guy deserves all respect. "Go ahead, snake my day."

13 Camo

Deserves a lot more credit. His recovery is phenomenal, and his watermelon 🍉 attacks are puissant (powerful). Fruit punch! 🍉🤛🏻

14 Smash Hit

The Best supercharger of all

15 Scratch

The best Air Character (except Bad Juju in Imaginators)

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