Top 10 Skylanders Since Spyro's Adventures

The Top Ten

1 Spyro

Yes, the purple dragon who started it all. He's MY all time favorite, but I want to know what you think about him. - LimeyD3MON1C

2 Gill Grunt

This guy is just AWESOME! Like seriously, what can beat a gill fish guy with a HARPOON! That would be what I would choose in a zombie apocalypse, OR leave the city. - LimeyD3MON1C

3 Trigger Happy

I don't think I have to explain what cute+bad ass+guns equals, right? - LimeyD3MON1C

4 Terrafin

, Terrafin is the definition of epicness. I love sharks, and the fact that he burrows underground and surprises his enemy's and completely awesome! - LimeyD3MON1C

5 Stealth Elf

I love ninjas, and Stealth Elf is totally awesome too. Pretty much being a ninja tops it off. - LimeyD3MON1C

Stealth Elf trolls all enemies with decoys, and dragonfang daggers are o.p.

6 Eruptor

Lava barf is the coolest thing. - LimeyD3MON1C

7 Whirlwhind
8 Bash
9 Chop Chop

OK, he's a cool skelaton. So? - LimeyD3MON1C

10 Wreaking Ball

Cuteness is ok. - LimeyD3MON1C

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