Top Ten Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure


The Top Ten

1 Camo

Camo has the camo alright. Just compare him to some others.

Your head is a watermelon.

I love camo he is my favorite skylander and his attacks are awesome

2 Terrafin

He is a beast and is very strong.I recommend getting him

3 Zap

You have a crush on Chill

4 Lightning Rod

Why are you naked?

5 Ghost Roaster
6 Dino Rang

Your boomerangs are slow.

Dingo ring sooo good he helpt me get to that bad guys base I can't remember his name.

7 Drobot

L hate your laser beams. You suck.

8 Trigger Happy
9 Boomer

Your nose is ugly.

You fight and you fail.

10 Stealth Elf

Very nice outfit

The Contenders

11 Flameslinger

You want to show off to Smolderdash that you can get blindfolded at shoot a arrow directly in the circle in the dart. But Smolderdash just attacks you and you die. Ha Ha BOO suck, you fail, chubby cheeks.

12 Voodood

When I played the game, I enjoyed playing as him. - IronSabbathPriest

13 Double Trouble
14 Slam Bam

Your hairy and dumb, Brow

15 Chop Chop

Your eyes look weird

16 Sonic Boom
17 Cynder

Shadow dash path is is totally BEAST. My level 12 Cynder DEMOLISHED my level 20 (also fully upgraded) fire kraken! Let's see that overrated good for nothing lady voiced CAMo do that huh? (P.S. the lightning path sucks really badly as in like 5th worst skylander approximately bad.)

18 Sliver Blast

He is fast and the best at trap team.

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19 Snap Shot

Snap shot is the best Trap master. His ice thing is cool

20 Painyatta
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