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1 Night Shift

Honestly he is bomb with his uppercuts. But I would say wash buckler is slightly better

Best skylanders tied with hot dog

His punches will smash your face off

His attacks are good when combined with Stink Bomb

2 Doom Stone

Doom Stone is the fourth best swordsman in the game. He may not have the best sword skills but he can crystallize enemies. Night Shift always goes back to Hell 5 seconds after I place him on the portal. Doom Stone's #1!

You would think why is a skylander that is #4 and not out yet on a list like this? Well, I have seen previews of Doom Stone, and his is so cool. He can crystallize enemies and them attack them. Dang!

Doom stone is honestly a higher rank than night shift

There is a reason doom stone is 200 in power people

3 Magna Charge

Magna charge can levitate bad guys and he shoots so fast. AWESOME!

Magna charge is better big time

He I's fast but freeze blade is slightly faster.


4 Fire Bone Hot Dog

He's like the cutest and he can jump and make a fire storm. Man!

He is cute and totally awesome and powerful

I am King Hot Dog, and will any day, everyday approve a series two hot dog.

You know that my Level 20 Hot Dog is the reason I am King Hot Dog, right?

5 Smolderdash

Smolderdash is very strong and should be the strongest girl

Her whip attack is extremely fast.

She is amazing

6 Stealth Elf

Ninja stealth elf is probably the best incarnation of the character so far, and her dark edition form is even cooler.

She is amazing

Piece of Crap. That's the only way to describe this Skylander.

Ninja. enough said.

7 Fryno

He can turn into a motorcycle from a tiny rhino=epic

I like fryno but now I can't find in gamestop

He can drive a MOTORCYCLE


8 Rattle Shake

Coolest character in the game and can whoop anyone

He can make a poison snake shoot poison in your face

This guy is the weakest swap force in the game

No he is not... He is my 2nd favorite swappable character... My 1st nightshift but he is #1 already and my favorite core is pop thorn... but Rattle Shake is best

9 Trap Shadow

Trap Shadow is awesome! He's no joke in melee and is Aldo great at ranged battles! He also actually requires some skill to master him, I don't know what the revs were thinking with night shift and Magna charge... (Night shift is instant win in PvP/Arenas, Magna charge is insane at ring out and story mode)

This cute bounty hunter can kill a lot of enemies in 1 hit and should be higher than night shift

Trap shadow is the best swapper vote for him

He is the best EVER!

10 Wash Buckler

The Contenders

11 Fire Kraken

This guy is the bomb! When I got him in one day he was level 20 and fully upgraded! This guy is totally the best skylander!

This guy is the bomb! After 1 day I had trained this guy to level 20 and he was fully upgraded! This guy is the best skylander!

He is the best if u pair him with night


12 Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

He is HORRIBLE the worst skylander on the face of the earth.

He’s not the worst he’s actually pretty good when he comes in pvp he’s op

13 Dune Bug

Dune bug is the best skylanders ever made and is super strong!

Can't Beet The Beetle! Except for 4.

14 Hyper Beam Prism Break

Prism break is a beast name

15 Grim Creeper

He is by far the coolest and he can stun almost all enemies with his Spin Attack!

Light core is awesome and really powerful

He is by far my favorite

16 Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz is the best character to use because he has a wild variety of attacks. For example the best of the beast path, you can: pounce on enemies, do powerful attacks, breathe fire, and do awesome combos! The mad scientist path has moves that: leave a green puddle of pain, make three minions that follow you on your quest, and throw powerful attacks!

17 Eruptor

Dude he is epic

18 Wind Up


19 Blast Buckler
20 Boom Jet

Probably the real Bomb.This dude is all bombs and missiles head to toe,he's upgrades are great as his attacks and his hover engine look's pretty awesome.

21 Pop Thorn

I want him so bad and he's so adorable

Oops I put my commet on pop thorn on pop fizz:(

22 Free Ranger

Bottom half is great in almost any combo - neutralizes spin/shield enemies. Top half has instant ranged stun attack. My best character for nightmare difficulty arenas

This guy should be at the top of the list.

His spring power is so good

This guy is as OP as crab! you will defiantly need this skylander

23 Stink Bomb

He is pretty good if you max him out I always turn invisible and start throwing ninja stars and I beat enemies in seconds I recommend this Skylander

It is my favorite

24 Countdown

My favorite skylander awesome

25 Freeze Blade

I love his attack skills and he also just looks really cool!

Freeze blade is a Sav

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