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1 Trigger Happy

Trigger happy is impossible to lose with I mean really he's a gremlin with unstoppable golden guns. I like playing with him even when there are no enemy's around just spinning and firing his guns.

His attacks are so cool I decided I should vote for Trigger happy, Everyone vote him and make him king if you don't vote for him then you are a FOOL

Big Bang Trigger Happy from Swap Force is one of the best Skylanders. He is super powerful and his rocket is awesome.

That giant lazer though

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2 Stealth Elf

Even before her ninja suit and super shot redesign, Stealth Elf was an amazing character and still awesome...even though I think the idea of having the actor for Candace from Phineas and Ferb playing her in the upcoming netflix series is pretty weird...but it's cool to finally see her mouth.

Spyro? Come on people, everyone loves Spyro because he's all popular and cool looking by Stealth Elf is 10000000% better! I love all the elf Skylanders like Fright Rider and Flameslinger but Stealth Elf is my ultimate favorite. She is a ninja, ninjas are awesome and she is super cute. She was probably the fastest Skylander in the Skylanders Giants series. She is plain awesome and I had to beg my parents for three months to let me get her. Stealth Elf rocks! Not to mention that awesome name...
"Silent but deadly! "

She is the best! She is so good, she's on "skylanders academy" which makes her a very popular character. If you have not tried her out, do it now or your missing a whole lot of awesome! Try her NOW! I mean it. Just a heads up, she has three different suits!

She’s awesome,you got to try her out.She can teleport behind enemies and surprise them.

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3 Spyro Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

If any of you know about the spyro games, you'll know that if it wasn't for Spyro rebuilding the world pretty much and pulling all the pieces of the planet together after it had been destroyed there wouldn't be a skylands. Elite Spyro also helped me heaps with some real tough trap team arena challenges and helped me with some real difficult situations in nightmare mode so he's definitely my favourite. So yeah, Of all skylanders Spyro deserves to be no less than number one.

He is a boss. I love playing as him, and he just looks so cool, and he is so powerful. Plus, he is better than stealth elf apart from the fact that she can teleport.

AHH you haters dang I love the spyro games and SPYRO IS so so CUTE TOO

He's the best

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4 Tree Rex

I wouldn't of chosen him as number 1 I would've chosen night shift I mean night shift is one of my best characters apart from enigma who is so powerful

Just the best ever in the history of skylanders if you don't vote for him you are crazy

He's amazing at level 20 he's super strong and finished the kaos boss in trap team on nightmare so he may be a main character and you get him in the starter pack but that does not mean he's weak at all with his 1200 or so health he better be in any collection please vote tree rex

I think Tree Rex should be no1

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5 Camo

Attacks: sun burst, watermelon explosion and firecracker vines. Able to heal, Fast and powerful

I love his name and his powers can kill anyone possible so that is why camo "the best " should be first

Firecracker vines are hard to control. GO MELON MASTER PATH!

His watermelon have amazing knockback and damage

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6 Drobot

Drobot is the best if you choose his laser upgrades for choose your path he can be a killer and he never messes around like I bet Pop Fizz does and he looks so awesome and that voice is cool too. Come on Portal Masters hit that vote button, I mean who doesn't like Drobot?

Honestly, I would have to say Drobot is the best due to how long he lasts, how powerful he is, also (personal preference) he is long ranged and is great for just powering through an island/mission. But that is just my opinion, what is yours?

You haters why do you like him because he's powerful look for characters who have cheap upgrades and have a lot of health like giant earth crusher

Drobot is op if you choose his eye laser path upgrades. Don't use the gears they don't do much damage and are hard to aim unless you go with that upgrade path. he can beat almost any giant in p.v.p.! especially his series two figure.

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7 Pop Thorn

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE! He does incredible damage and is very cute especially powerful when fully upgraded - rexprice4

Pop thorn is very fast which makes him better then other skylanders and most people's favorite he made my top 10

One of the most cutest Skylanders. - 55sexy55

His last upgrade boosts his speed when unpopped drastically. He can also deal lots of damage when unpopped by blowing gusts of wind. As an added bonus, if you can't escape, just puff up and he turns into a tank with homing missiles and a good damage/ escape move that can get you running again

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8 Wildfire

Wildfire rules! His fire deals so much damage. His shield has lots of armor. L bet he could kill all the trap masters! Burn it!

Wildfires shield is awesome so is his figure

All the trap masters except for knight light


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9 Chop Chop

Best skylanders ever I have series 1 and 2 and shield path pretty much makes him invincible however nightfall can actually become invincible so please comment on nightfall

You must love him he was amazing in giants but the hole control scheme in swap force/trap team made it impossible for my series 2 to use shield skewer

Dumb Chop Chop. L will rather get his rubbish blades and chop his head off.

Here’s why: awesome sword, plus shield. Shield deflects then sends it back.

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10 Krypt King

Krypt king is awesome because he can spit bees but I wish I had him. I have to say he has a giant sword so he is so awesome so he can just crush enemies.

He is a huge version of Chop Chop AND he has a huge sword! How can you go wrong with that?

Your in the trash bin. Your dead at fighting.


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11 Fryno

I dealt a total of 90,000 damage with him on dream catcher's level

This Rhino Is So Tough - 55sexy55

He's tough I agree


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12 Wrecking Ball

Anyone notices his face is smashed in?

Cute little guy I LOVE wrecking ball make him number 1

Cute but so a idiot.

Best skylander. Cute looks, wrecks with invincibility through enemies, well damaging tongue that can eat and heal on kill, and a burp that gets more powerful when eating. Sadly, Activision seemed to forget about wrecking ball. Wrecking Ball WAS BY FAR THE MOST POWERFUL SKYLANDER in Giants and Spyro's adventure. His ball charged up really fast, making him almost invincible entirely, and he could eat ANYTHING in Spyro's adventure and almost anything in Giants. He could even eat Kaos in the first game! Too bad Activizion nerfed his tongue and ball.

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13 Knight Light

He's the best but don't take my option because I think all light and dark skylanders are the best

He is one of my best Skylanders along with Nightfall, but I think dark and light Skylanders are just plain beast.

I think his name is pretty cool and because he's in 1 of the new elements

Look in the dictionary… the definition of beast is Knight Light

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14 Hot Dog

Hot dog is really good if you upgrade him with the fireballs. Stealth Elf is the best, but Hot Dog is second best because he causes a whole lot of damage with his comet attack.

Hot dog is mega powerful though I'm not sure if I like him more than camo but he's a MUST get

I have 24 skylanders two are creation crystals and he I one of my favorites

I wish I could just hug him

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15 Bash

Bash can become a killing machine if you choose the right path.

Bash is a rock and roll and trust me His fig beautiful.

Boy bash is op because he has that awesome attack in skylanders Giants.

Definitely the best by far

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16 Ninjini

Her stats are really good.

She has got really fast speed for a giant

If you don't vote for her "Any Last Wishes"

She is very fast, with a lot of health and damage. To top it off,her attacks are really unique.

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17 Swarm

My favorite Skylander

I love his combo moves

Aren't bees awesome

Can turn into a swarm of bees


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18 Ghost Roaster

Ghost roaster may have a name that doesn't make scence and not good attack or health but the guy is super cool. How could you say no to this awesome guy. He is a skeleton with a metal ball and he eats ghosts. I for one like him because you can just run and when enemies get close do a metal ball swing but never ever ever do his third attack because it damages ghost roaster.

Ghost Roaster sucks. Average health and low damage attack. His Skull Charge makes him look like a FOOL.

I have the elite version. He is SO powerful with his huge head.%100 number 1

Uh, he's a skeleton that carries his tail around, that's awesome!

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19 Hex

I have series 2 hex, and she's pretty cool I guess. She has a pet skull though, what could be better!

I can't believe that you guys put trigger happy on top!

I like hex but is she a witch?

Hex is dumm

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20 Freeze Blade

Oops I forgot to finish. 'and shoot smaller icicles from all directions (coming from the chakram of course.) Ice Sculptor allows you to do more damage with your Frosticle attack, and you can hold it down to freeze a larger area and do more damage. The charge for the Frosticle is about a second at most. In my opinion, I'd go Ice Sculptor for his top for versatility. Now his bottom...this is a no brainer. Go Iced Skater full on. It allows you to knock back any enemies that are in front of you, and causes said enemies to create a freezing explosion wherever they land. Trail Freezer (as the name suggests) leaves a trail of ice behind you wherever you skate. Tell me, does that sound familiar? *cough cough* Zap *cough* If you choose the paths that I reccomend, he is an overpowered monster. Fire Kraken's top on Showcase and Freeze Blade's Bottom on Iced is a deadly combination.

Who the heck would pick wrecking ball. Are you a Miley Cyrus fan? Freeze blade is the best because he is a beast. His speed in the max and his blade maxed is beast. Sorry voodoos but freeze blades # 1

Freeze blade is so cool he is one of my favorite skylanders!

He is ok

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