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1 Trigger Happy

He is just like me

Trigger Happy's name says it all.

Trigger happy is so awesome! (And rich)

De DPS is so high and is fun to play as

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2 Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf you can't hear her when she's running and one time I tricked my brother when I was invisible.

just good

"She can kill pretty much anybody with her speed and blades.


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3 Spyro Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

Spyro can be a bit of a jerk and has his moments where he's a total gloryhound, but for all his "bad" qualities, he has more good ones to make up for them! Plus, he's just the coolest character overall! Evil Spyro isn't too shabby either!

Spyro is the best. He has impenetrable scales. What can get better than that? He should be ranked number one instead of three. - JoshL

I LOVE Spyro his is just so cool I have a bunch of skylanders that are really powerful but Spyro is by far the best. and guess what I even have dark Spyro with the evil horns. Spyro also has these other games witch I play like the reincarnated trilogy

Spyro is the best

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4 Chop Chop

Shield and Sword = I don't know

The shield can block almost any attack and the sword can life steal.

This guy does 52 damage if you go for the sword upgrade. Also he has a shield that makes ever single attack do 1 damage. I'm pretty sure.

Chop chop is amazing cause it is my first one along with a broom boom but I like chop chop cause he's sick looking

Chop chop is epic especially twin blade also he was the first skylander I ever played as

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5 Drobot

My best skylander

BLINK AND DESTROY is what happens with Drobot

Literally, hold primary attack and u pretty much set 4 life

Drobot is a great Skylander, but still, Spyro is better. He is way more powerful than him. He has inpenitrable scales. What can get better than that? - JoshL

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6 Tree Rex

Powerhouse Brawler
enough said

This skylander will pummel your bum into the ground

Mhm awesome tree

The first skylander I got and will always be my favorite, he is sooo useful in arena battles and does a ton of damage.

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7 Camo

Camo is a powerhouse who can grow watermelons in the span of a few seconds and use them as projectiles! He gets even better if you take the Melon Master path! - Synchronocity

You can make a water melon wall why not vote for it AND It's A DRAGON!

Camo is awesome, I love Skylanders that mainly summon stuff.


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8 Wildfire

Do I really have to say anything?

Wildfire looks the coolest

Wildfire rules! His fire deals so much damage. His shield has lots of armor. L bet he could kill all the trap masters! Burn it!

Wildfires shield is awesome so is his figure

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9 Pop Thorn

awesome - -Pikachu-

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE! He does incredible damage and is very cute especially powerful when fully upgraded - rexprice4

Pop thorn is very fast which makes him better then other skylanders and most people's favorite he made my top 10

One of the most cutest Skylanders. - 55sexy55

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10 Krypt King

Krypt kings awesome I love his giant sword and I love his look

Best skylander ever

Krypt King is so good! He can spit out insects that do so much damage and he can control his sword without touching it. Plus, he looks really cool.

He's epic, what else needs to be said?

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11 Wrecking Ball

I have him maxed out and fill upgraded, he's badass.

Wrecking ball was my first skylander. he is cute and cuddley and I leveled him to the MAX!

He a good boy

Anyone notices his face is smashed in?

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12 Fryno

I dealt a total of 90,000 damage with him on dream catcher's level

This Rhino Is So Tough - 55sexy55

He's tough I agree

Yeah, your name reminds me to fry you up.

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13 Knight Light

The best


He is beast he dodge a lot when he flys and he can teleport

Sword does 300+ damage. Need I say more?

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14 Hot Dog

Lit and that is what's up

Hot dog is really good if you upgrade him with the fireballs. Stealth Elf is the best, but Hot Dog is second best because he causes a whole lot of damage with his comet attack.

Hot dog is mega powerful though I'm not sure if I like him more than camo but he's a MUST get

I have 24 skylanders two are creation crystals and he I one of my favorites

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15 Bash

Bash can become a killing machine if you choose the right path.

Boy bash is op because he has that awesome attack in skylanders Giants.

Bash is a rock and roll and trust me His fig beautiful.

Massive damage. Choose top path

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16 Ninjini

Hold primary on the sword path. Both paths are good. And her figure looks great. My favorite.

Both paths have great advantages.

Her stats are really good.

She has got really fast speed for a giant

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17 Swarm

He is so awesome swarm is my favorite Skylanders

My favorite Skylander

I love his combo moves

Aren't bees awesome

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18 Ghost Roaster

Ghost roaster may have a name that doesn't make scence and not good attack or health but the guy is super cool. How could you say no to this awesome guy. He is a skeleton with a metal ball and he eats ghosts. I for one like him because you can just run and when enemies get close do a metal ball swing but never ever ever do his third attack because it damages ghost roaster.

Sometimes I play Skylanders with my little bro and somehow ghost roaster ended up with the (sorry if this is racist by mistake) "Russian hat" and boomer with the thor-like hat, and boomer will go chase ghost roaster all over the battle arena and yell "GET THE RUSSIAN! " and then blow him up. - coolfeet

Ghost Roaster sucks. Average health and low damage attack. His Skull Charge makes him look like a FOOL.

I have the elite version. He is SO powerful with his huge head.%100 number 1

Your in the trash bin. Your dead at fighting.

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19 Hex

He is the best starter Skyland there is

I have series 2 hex, and she's pretty cool I guess. She has a pet skull though, what could be better!

I can't believe that you guys put trigger happy on top!

I like hex but is she a witch?

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20 Freeze Blade

Oops I forgot to finish. 'and shoot smaller icicles from all directions (coming from the chakram of course.) Ice Sculptor allows you to do more damage with your Frosticle attack, and you can hold it down to freeze a larger area and do more damage. The charge for the Frosticle is about a second at most. In my opinion, I'd go Ice Sculptor for his top for versatility. Now his bottom...this is a no brainer. Go Iced Skater full on. It allows you to knock back any enemies that are in front of you, and causes said enemies to create a freezing explosion wherever they land. Trail Freezer (as the name suggests) leaves a trail of ice behind you wherever you skate. Tell me, does that sound familiar? *cough cough* Zap *cough* If you choose the paths that I reccomend, he is an overpowered monster. Fire Kraken's top on Showcase and Freeze Blade's Bottom on Iced is a deadly combination.

Who the heck would pick wrecking ball. Are you a Miley Cyrus fan? Freeze blade is the best because he is a beast. His speed in the max and his blade maxed is beast. Sorry voodoos but freeze blades # 1

Freeze blade is so cool he is one of my favorite skylanders!

One of the best SWAP Skylanders. For his top, Blizzard Blade or Ice Sculptor are very good paths. B Blade allows your Frigid Whirl attack to do more damage and

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21 Wallop

How can no one vote for this monster

I mean wallop is the man, he has huge sledgehammers, so much tough armor and is huge. I can't believe he is not in the top 5, he needs to be. He's the best of the best.

He has super strong hammer smashing powers. He needs to be in the top 5, apologize now!

This guy has unstoppable traptanium hammers and is my personal favorite

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22 Terrafin

For the heck of it

Terrafin is just OP and his baby is adorable (terrabite)

Terrafin is an insanely powerful beast when fully upgraded. He can burrow underground and send the minisharks at enemies while away from danger. Definitely one of my top favorites

Terrafin is a little slow and crappy at the start. However his ability to burrow underground is amazing and, when able to damage and pick up stuff, the best move in the game, his combos are great, the sharks are awesome, and he is overall amazing

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23 Pop Fizz

He is awesome in giants and funny on Skylanders academy the show


He looks awesome he feels awesome his upgrades are amazing he's your stereotypical crazy scientist

Awesome when upgraded, especially when given the ability to fill his beast meter while. Attacking

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24 Dino-Rang

If you choose the top upgrade path, then you can span attack one and pretty much everyone dies

My first sky lander

Don't ask me, but Boomerang shield isn't much of a defensive power.

Dino-Rang is really strong. He has great def, and great attack. But the best part is his abilities. They're really cool, uniqe and strong. - Swag1881

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25 Boomer

I love boomer he has awesome attacks the the only troll skylander and he blows stuff up how could you not like him!

Boom man dynamite explosions love this guy whoop

Boom goes the dynamite! What the heck is this doing down here! With his TNT bombs and earthquake pounds boomer is no doubt the best skylander

The best skylander

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26 Sprocket

Sprocket is the best. Turrets and tanks man! And the mines. And you can get physical with a Giant Wrench!

Turrets, wrenches are weak, but the Soul Gem and the third attack is okay.

She is so sassy, smart and techy! I love her powers! She is just amazing and my favorite Skylander female! - coolactress198


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27 Chill

Chill is the best Skylander. She is an ice skylander, and I love ice-related Skylanders. She has super cool armor and a good defense. I may be a boy, and my friends think I'm crazy when I say she's my favorite... but she is so cool and she was loyal to her Ice Queen. Her name gives me the shivers.

Chill is life...

She is a Ice Queen like Elsa. - 55sexy55

She is so awesome! My Chill is fully upgraded and can defeat giants in battle mode. Her narwhal attack is so epic. She is my strongest skylander!

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28 Smolderdash

My Smolderdash was undefeated until I lost it. Now I use Snowderdash. She’s defeated practically all of the Skylanders on this list.

I prefer the snowderdash version. I did a repaint for it and it turned out great!

29 Snapshot

Should be 1!

Should be #1

He is a really cool skylander

It has both melee and ranged attack, not to mention that it's a trap master. Its also quite fast. Come on, who doesn't like an archer crocodile that can snipe enemies with crystal arrows the size of swords?

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30 Shroomboom

He's amazing

He' stood with no upgrades

Why should he be in the top 30? His slingshot, mushroom ring and patroopers are really good, but his soul gem is awesome and inflicts massive damage!

I love shroom boom

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31 Magna Charge

He is so surprising at all times I mean as soon as I got it was a surprise he was a tech element

Love him!

Blast it

32 Spry

He is so cute

Spry is like a mini Spyro' maybe even his son so why is he so bad he should be up with his daddy

33 Ignitor

He is the first skylander I ever used

This is my main character I use, And the legendary variant has doubled stats. Pure firepower to "Kill it with fire", if you know what I mean.

He is in the top ten

He is cool and good

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34 Crusher

My favorite giant all of ever! He is strongest! - David39

He is the best giant there every was. He is so cool. He very string. The is my man

He has cool green eyes that can turn lesser opponents to stone!

He farts a lot

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35 Blackout

Black out is so powerful without max upgrades

I don’t have blackout *sobs in corner* but I really want him he looks so overpowered

Another good one - Absol


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36 Bushwhack

He deals a lot of damage and he can stun the opponents with his acorns.His ax is relatively quick and very strong.His timber attack can deal up to 1100+ damage! But to be honest I prefer the legendary version since he's a lot stronger.

She is the worst character so don't even think about her trust me I mean who's gonna want to have somebody who throws acorns

Bushwhack is the best trap master with some ridiculous attacks for massive damage he's legit

This guy is about the worst you can get

37 Gusto

Love gusto he can eat the enemy the heal himself and that is cool plus the boomerang buddies move is how you do it


It sucks

Uhh... I use it, it has good defense but not that good?

38 Lob Star

Just awesome

Lob star is so awesome! His name is even a pun on lobster! What's not love, he's got projectiles and an attack that deals 400 damage! That's insane

Easily one of the best Skylanders, and of course, easily the best trap master

The best Trap Master - Absol

39 Fire Kraken

1 word for Fire Kraken; "amazing", just purely amazing, he can turn into a giant dragon, shoot out a giant dragon, with his top path, and with his bottom path; he can leap up, and completely leave the screen, then smash down, destroying everything in his path. For his full potential, combine him with the bottom of night shift, on the batty coach path, for A BONUS 2 LIVES, and teleport between enemies, and use the staff on them! (Fireflame)

why u bully him

He is really ugly. Does not deserve to be a skylander. Stupid sparkling thing is useless. He isn't a dragon, he is a big banana face. L saw him pick his nose and dance with his girlfriend which Smolderdash. (His dance was horribble. He wiggled his penus before)

Just spam his dragon and your good to go. he is a beast. I have jade form... he wrecks on the field. beat swap force with him

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40 Food Fight

Why wouldn't you like someone with an tomato gun?

Tomato gun is cool, but honstely his my worse because late hate him.

Best character in game can’t be beaten👻

41 Flashwing

Flash wing can heal herself by putting crystals in a wall and walk back and forth in front to gain health, she fights like a pro!

Okay, hear me out: Flashwing is like a starter Pokemon. She starts out kind of weak and slow, but with training and love, she is a TANK. Seriously, she can shoot crystals from her tail like a scorpion and can use her gemstone wings to shoot out beams while she spins around. And she's voiced by Tara ' Strong!

She is my best character because of her beauty and skills

Flashwing is my favorite skylander

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42 Starstrike

She’s way cool and good

She looks sick and her ambilities are strong

43 Cynder


Cynder should be at the top. I used her for the Imaginators insane level and I only used her because she didn't die at all throughout the levels. She is a long range fighter with amazing electric abilities and can turn into a shadow so that enemies can't see her. The ghosts that trail with her can do tremendous damage to enemies. You HAVE to get cinder whether she is at the top or not.

She is cool, powerful and spyro's girlfriend

My little cousin favorite

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44 Wash Buckler

I have a slap braclet of him

Reminds me of Splatoon - Absol

Ldiot, stupid, chicken face and pie hole that's all l want to say about him also he has huge USBs. (Ultra Sexy Boobs) His chopped of fingers look disgusting. Er... Makes me vomit.

45 Zoo Lou

He's the best he's strong and awesome! He looks like a bunny
Barbarian! Whats cooler?

46 Enigma

Enigma is the best he can turn himself INVISIBLE! He shoots eyeballs out of an eyeball! He makes a great combo with Tae Kwan Crow.

I have him and he is awesome everyone should have him

Enigma he is so powerful in all ways

Enigma is so cool

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47 Chopper

Cool I will buy him now thanks.

Chopper is so cool he is a little t rex with bombs.

He has good powers because of his final power he can fire nearly endless amounts of misiles vote chopper


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48 Scratch

Really powerful yes but there are no cheap versions for Xbox one

Most powerful attacks, obviously the best skylander, better than spyro, stealth elf and all those other skylanders.

The luck of the claw!

My favourite Skylander, I have beaten all my other Skylanders in PvP with her, Scratch should be first! Also, why does she get so little attention?

49 Jawbreaker

He is my favorite skylander of all times! He is strong,like damn man! Also no one likes him better than I do, not even the skylanders boy and girl do, and there famous for skylanders!

That comment is wrong

What the heck is he doing here? Lsn't he suppose to be a bad guy?

Cool design

50 Gearshift

Three options for fighting: spinning (short), blades (mid) and shooting (distant) attack. Reasonably fast running normally. Really fast if you use the gear to move. Best of the Trap Team.

She is the best

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