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61 Flashwing

Okay, hear me out: Flashwing is like a starter Pokemon. She starts out kind of weak and slow, but with training and love, she is a TANK. Seriously, she can shoot crystals from her tail like a scorpion and can use her gemstone wings to shoot out beams while she spins around. And she's voiced by Tara ' Strong!

She is my best character because of her beauty and skills

Flashwing is my favorite skylander

Flashwing is really strong once you level her up a lot, her defense is good too.a

62 Rattle Shake

Hey, he moved up.

He's the best skylander ever. He is a snake with a snake gun. - Absol

I admit he's not the strongest but OH MY GOD HIS VOICE IS WONDERFUL!?


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63 Pumpkin Eye Brawl
64 Grim Creeper

Um... what is this one=)? I don't know sounds like somethin' from Minecraft?... I don't know...

Grim creeper on the 90 place really!

He's supposed to be the grim reaper but as a skylander

Blue grim raper. Woo hoo.

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65 Head Rush
66 Fright Rider

I love this guy

This guy is my favorite

Can go underground, charge, and throw enemys

L love the burrow bomber attack, especially with the soul gem.

67 Ignitor

This is my main character I use, And the legendary variant has doubled stats. Pure firepower to "Kill it with fire", if you know what I mean.

He is in the top ten

He is cool and good

Knight of Fire? How can you go wrong. Easily my favorite Skylander.

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68 Prism Break

When fully upgraded his attack is powerful, and he's able to attack multiple enemies at once. Just a little slow is all.

He is okay and he should at least be in top 20 but #1 not a chance

He is pretty good why no one go vote for him

This dood is the best character he should be on top 10

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69 Lava Barf Eruptor

He is strong and does lots of damge far range and close rang very useful #still_and_always_wil_be_favriote_sklander

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70 Thumpback

So much health and really strong

Pretty dang killer after all he is A... KILLER WHALE HE USED TO BE SO POPULAR JUST VOTE

It's the best

71 Knight Mare

Knight Mare is SO cool! She can easily take out bosses and minions and is very fun

She's my favorite

I love centaurs


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72 Rip Tide
73 Spitfire V 3 Comments
74 Blades

Love his blades and deals high damage.

75 Eruptor V 1 Comment
76 Sonic Boom

My little sisters favorite character!

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77 Knockout Terrafin

My 2nd favorite character!

Why is knockout terrafin 84th place he is my 3rd favorite skylander I wold do anything for him

78 Countdown

Who likes this guy he is a stupid, stupid, STUPID bomb faced maniac thingy

He's great! he blows up!

Countdown doesent really survive that long. the enemies use him like a soccer ball getting poped

79 Zook
80 Ka-Boom

He's a big lava guy shooting fireballs from a cannon. Boom!

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