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61 Double Trouble

Best Character- the beam is so powerful and minions so helpful

Nobody can move when I have his weapon aimed on them.

Makes the battlefield a party

Boom Shaka Laka

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62 Lava Barf Eruptor

He is strong and does lots of damge far range and close rang very useful #still_and_always_wil_be_favriote_sklander

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63 Flashwing

Okay, hear me out: Flashwing is like a starter Pokemon. She starts out kind of weak and slow, but with training and love, she is a TANK. Seriously, she can shoot crystals from her tail like a scorpion and can use her gemstone wings to shoot out beams while she spins around. And she's voiced by Tara ' Strong!

She is my best character because of her beauty and skills

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64 Rip Tide
65 Bouncer

His moves are quick and effective, and if you spam his fish shot thing, it can kill villains in trap team in a matter of seconds, but swarm and crusher are also good

Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce KA-BOUNCE - rexprice4

Bouncer can take down every giant (except Eye-Brawl)!

By far the coolest skylanders ever! Ridiculous that he gets weakened in imaginators!

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66 Thumpback

So much health and really strong

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67 Knight Mare

Knight Mare is SO cool! She can easily take out bosses and minions and is very fun

Who doesn't like a black centaur with a giant sword and darkness element he kan kill kaos with one hit and why not to love about her

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68 Spitfire V 3 Comments
69 Prism Break

When fully upgraded his attack is powerful, and he's able to attack multiple enemies at once. Just a little slow is all.

He is okay and he should at least be in top 20 but #1 not a chance

He is pretty good why no one go vote for him

At the start his bad but at the end his epic😍

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70 Rattle Shake

Hey, he moved up.

He's the best skylander ever. He is a snake with a snake gun. - Absol



71 Grim Creeper

Um... what is this one=)? I don't know sounds like somethin' from Minecraft?... I don't know...

Grim creeper on the 90 place really!

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72 Fright Rider

I love this guy

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73 Countdown

Who likes this guy he is a stupid, stupid, STUPID bomb faced maniac thingy

He's great! he blows up!

Countdown doesent really survive that long. the enemies use him like a soccer ball getting poped

74 Ignitor

This is my main character I use, And the legendary variant has doubled stats. Pure firepower to "Kill it with fire", if you know what I mean.

He is in the top ten

Very strong

On the 3ds version, press x and you'll see his power

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75 Zook
76 Ka-Boom

He's a big lava guy shooting fireballs from a cannon. Boom!

77 Blades

Love his blades and deals high damage.

78 Eruptor V 1 Comment
79 Lightning Rod
80 Sonic Boom

My little sisters favorite character!

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