Top 10 Skype Emojis

These are the best, thanks for the emojis fam. Keep up the good work.

The Top Ten

1 Dancing Monkey

This emoji is the honest fruit of Skype's labor. It is the pinnacle in emoji technology, and if you disagree you are probably retarded. - vcxy6b7n

I agree

2 Bhangra + Bomb

The second place is kind of a tie, so I had to include both Bhangra and the Bomb. They actually compliment each other nicely in the second place spot. - vcxy6b7n

3 Football Fail

This one was made sometime after FIFA 2014 and let's just say they did a good job. - vcxy6b7n

4 Vomiting

Everyone loves to look and think about vomiting, so this emoji definitely deserved a place in top five. It's a keeper. - vcxy6b7n

5 Emo

Being emo may not be as great as vomiting, but it sure is better than that stupid dancing Turkey at spot number six. - vcxy6b7n

6 Dancing Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy thanksgiving. Oh, Canada has a thanksgiving, too? No one cares. - vcxy6b7n

7 Muscle and Fat Guy

This one is some high brow social commentary on the average Joe and his part in the social caste. If you want to know more look up Maslow's hierarchy of needs. - vcxy6b7n

8 Clapping

I've got the clap. - vcxy6b7n

9 Handshake

I love handshakes, they really get my blood pumping, you know? - vcxy6b7n

10 Tealight

Top tier Jewish technology. - vcxy6b7n

The Contenders

11 Smile
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