Top 10 Best Skyrim Mods

I absolutely love Skyrim,especially with mods! Here are the best mods in Skyrim!

The Top Ten

1 SkyUI

This mod is absolutely mandatory for a modded Skyrim experience! So many other mods require this because it not only changes the default inventory to a PC friendly one,but it also adds mod menus so you can customize your mods! - DueslistofX

2 Immersive Armors

This mod adds a bunch of new armor sets to the game. They are all in the leveled lists so you can find them as you play! The armors this mod adds are great and powerful! - DueslistofX

3 Immersive Weapons

Adds a lot of weapons to the game. The weapons are well designed and you see more powerful ones as you progress - DueslistofX

4 Climates Of Tamriel

Adds different climates to the game. Good for immersion and variety. - DueslistofX

5 FrostFall

Adds a system to the game where you have to stay warm to survive in the harsh weather of Skyrim. The best immersion mod out there. - DueslistofX

6 Unofficial Patches

Fixes a lot of bugs that were in the game and dlc. - DueslistofX

7 Apocalypse-The Spell Package

All the other mods here are nice but Apocalypse is the only mod here that actually makes Skyrim more FUN. So many awesome new spells, so well made that they easily pass the standards of vanilla. SkyUI might be a mandatory mod but it doesn't add to my experience. Same goes for Immersive Weapons, it's just some new looking killing sticks. Apocalypse adds to the gameplay. Gameplay should be the #1 priority.

Adds a lot of unique spells to the game. Great for a playthrough especially if your character is a mage. - DueslistofX

8 Race Menu

Adds more customization to your characters appearance. - DueslistofX

9 Cloaks of Skyrim

Adds a bunch of cloaks to the game. - DueslistofX

10 Alternate Start

The Contenders

11 Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

I just got this mod, and I admit that it's pretty good! - IcetailofWishClan

This is part of a huge project working on getting the entirety of Tamriel in Skyrim!


Makes the corners of objects more smooth. - DueslistofX

13 God Mode

It's a console command not a mod. - zxm

14 Enderal - Shards of Order
15 Anna NPCs 3_0
16 Tropical Skyrim

Remember using it. Made it look like Far Cry 3. - zxm

17 Inigo-Khajit Follower
18 No Nazeem
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