Best Skyward Sword Bosses and Mini Bosses


The Top Ten

1 Dreadfuse
2 Stalmaster

Cool 4 handed skeleton warrior. - KilMii

3 The Imprisoned
4 Ocular Parasite Bilocyte

It looks so scary. - KilMii

5 Metal Shield Moblin
6 Great Spirit of the Skies Levias

Boss battle in air! - KilMii

7 Lizalfos
8 Ghirahim Ghirahim

LAST PLACE Ghirihim is coming for you and he will lick your face and then throw knives at it lick knives lick your face again get sword smack you lick sword lick face punch you kick you lick you laugh his evil laugh and do his weird tongue thing

Ghirahim the fabulous! He was such a great boss, and had a great personality. Almost none of the other bosses in any of the games had as much personality. Such great threats too! :D lol. Ghirahim's final form looks like Fi, and like Fi, he's a sword spirit. His sword looks AWESOME! SO FABULOUS! Anyone remember when he teleported behind link and did his tongue thing? Best Villain Ever - Link_Hyrule

9 Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera

He looks cool when he's not covered with rocks and its sometimes hard to hit the eye. - KilMii

10 Moldarach

Cool Scorpion Boss. The best thing is that you fight it twice! - KilMii

The Contenders

11 Demise
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