Top Ten Slang Terms Commonly Referred to in Pop Forums

From real life LGBT people to the pop forums of ATRL to fansites, these are the commonly referred slangs or phrases by pop forums.

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But what if you are not a member, then you have no idea what it means.

If you're a hunty or GGD member you know what this means


Tea is when a person gets the vibes from something similar to anither project such as comparing works from Britney Spears and Janet Jackson - LoveGame


Shook is when a person gets shocked by something controversial, attractive and more. - LoveGame


Sometimes when people are angry about something, they comminly say they are pressed. Most of the LGBT community says that. - LoveGame

Snatched my wig

It is used when people are so shook, someone with the doer of the action that made them shook snatches their "wig". - LoveGame


Popularized by Madonna, reductive has been used tons of times since 2011, it became so popular it has been referenced multiple times on the Intenet. - LoveGame


The meltdown is referred tons of times.
In a situation where people have a meltdown, times like having a rumor stans has been excited to be proven fake. - LoveGame

Music not the bling

Popularized by Lady Gaga, this particular phrase has been referenced by the first time during the title track of ARTPOP. After its release, the Little Monsters spred it around people, is - LoveGame


Flop is when the pop forum users actually says it to underperformances. Bionic by Christina Aguilera is considered to be a flop, Warrior by Kesha is considered to be one too. - LoveGame

Oreo Spokeswoman

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Leave Britney alone

Now, not necessarily that popular but it has been referred so many times, since 2007, pop forums users has been doing parodies of it sucb as Leave Madonna Alone, Leave Katy Alone and more. - LoveGame


A nickname for GGD mod Haroon, based on his harpoon like WPing skills

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