Top Ten Best Slang Words for Cigarettes

The Top Ten
1 Cig
2 Cancer Stick

I love this one so much because it'strue

True tho

That’s the correct name for ya

It’s true

3 Bone
4 Fag

Yeah this is the number 1 used where I'm from.

5 Death Stick

@ KingSlayer93316-Cancer causes death so they're both the same

Wanna buy a "death Stick"? I wanna go home and rethink my life - westofohio

This is what I’m calling cigarettes from now on. I should of voted for this instead of cancer stick - KingSlayer93316

6 Smog
7 Smokey Treat
8 Cookie
9 Nail
10 Square
The Contenders
11 Wand of Death

Harry Potter fans, this is 4 u

12 Pointless Stick
13 Mexico Stick

According to Wikipedia someone in Mexico invented the first patented cigarette-making machine.

14 Yellow Teeth
15 Dart
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