Top Ten Slang Words for Penis


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1 D***

This is what I hear every single male at my school call their d***. - SwagFlicks

This top ten list has penis in the title the words don't need to be censored

This list is legendary - venomouskillingmachine

"You have a small D"
"He's got a small D"
What's scary about this?
The fact that you know I have a small D.

2 C***

Please put "Manpipe" on this list!

3 Johnson

You know what Perez Hilton said about Dwayne Johnson's penis?

Some people with the name Johnson have a penis

Fleece Johnson Has a big penis

Dwayne Johnson should give Ashley Tisdale a blowjob in a 2022 movie! >:D

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4 Pecker
5 Little Jimmy
6 Weiner

So that’s why a dachshund is called a weiner dog.

7 Shlong

A tribute to Macklemores best song. - keycha1n

8 King Snake

Snake in the bush

9 Willy

Silly old willy! Look what you've done! You've got water on my friendly old bum!

You silly ol' willy!

10 Hotdog

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11 Mr. Roundtree
12 The D
13 Iggy & The Stooges

God I love that band


14 Godzilla


15 Pee Pee

My dad used this frase all the time when I was a kid because he didn't want to say penis at his children

Now shut up and eat your pee-pee. - Django (played by Master Michael Sirota) in a nightmare scene of a Ratatouille parody known as "Ratapenniss"

16 Muscle


17 Jackhammer


18 Kiwi
19 Snake


20 Manpipe

Are you happy now this is on the list?

21 Junk
22 Mickey

Gross list but Mickey Mouse will not be proud

23 Horn
24 Sausage
25 Banana
26 Pickle
27 Little Fish
28 Wang
29 Lizard
30 Goober
31 Anaconda
32 The Human Tail
33 Malaquias
34 King Dong
35 Manaconda

I've always preferred this over trouser snake. As in "You may have a trouser snak but I pack a manaconda - Johnnyt800

36 Killer Croc
37 Button
38 Noodle
39 Ding-A-Ling

My Ding-A-Ling
My Ding-A-Ling
I want you to play with my ding-a-ling!

40 Wanker
41 Stick
42 Jimmies
43 Choad
44 Worm
45 Fireman
46 Hose
47 Thing
48 Beowulf
49 Gin Rummy
50 Mustachio
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