Greatest Slash Solos with GNR

The top ten greatest guitar solos from the best guitar player ever.

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1 November Rain

The outro is will change your life forever. - rockerchic18

Incredible solo, just incredible. Just listening to it makes me want to cry. So much passion and emotion.

it is a good choice as no. 1, I mean Slash got the music award for best solo ever with this song


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2 Sweet Child 'O Mine

Combine Slash, a les paul, soul, and a pedal.
You've got a masterpiece

I love metal and hardly ever listen to GNR but slash is my favorite guitarists and I believe this riff is the best

This solo is melodious, fast, soulful, rhythmic, classic... man.. just too good m/

"Even though Slash personally hates this song, I absolutely believe that his guitar solo is among the greatest guitar solos ever played. He recorded this guitar solo in one take and it couldn't have been any better had he played a thousand more times."

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3 Estranged

Best solo by any man alive. Better than Vaughan or Santana or even Ol' Bieber.

An awesome piece of music with 4 sweet solos from SLASH

The most feeling he ever felt in 30 seconds of electric liquid silk cycling away into the universe man

The last solo is very heavily underrated. It's beautiful. - benhos

4 Nightrain

One of the best riffs and solos combined to make this song.

The end to this is so underrated

Slash just shreds 110 percent at the end of the song

The November Rain solo is extremely overrated. November Rain itself is overrated, this is Slash's best solo and Guns N' Roses best song

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5 Paradise City

One of the greatest all time songs ever
plus an wicked ending solo

6 Civil War

Best song I've ever heard, will always be my favorite song and slash plays like a god in this song!

Great two solos with real lyrics

7 Don't Cry

an great intro and a poetic solo make this song listenable over and over again.

you guys are crazy this should be number 1!... classic

One of the best solos... The song makes me cry and the solo does the same... It's just driving me crazy and making me cry so bad... My favorite song... Gn'r is the

I love the solo

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8 Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Awesome heart put into this sing and two great solos.

How the hell could this be No.9? It's so awesome!

9 Welcome to the Jungle

An awesome song With one of the catchiest riffs of all time
plus a cool slide solo

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10 Godfather Theme Solo

Not the most famous but damn this solo is so awesome! Just hear to the made in stoke version it's the best solo ever!

Lets face it, this is the best solo by slash

This is way better than sweet child o mine. He uses more techniques than any other solo

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11 Rocket Queen

best slash's outro. should be no.1 this song is the best from axl rose with slash solo. this song is very underrated its same as november rain

Awesome riff and in the top 20 best outros of all time

Love his talkbox wickedness in this one. One of the best, especially live. Also a great outtro!

12 Double TalkinĀ“ Jive

This is the best solo mayhem ever played. Strong, emotional, oustanding performance by Slash and Izzi Stradlin.

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13 You Could Be Mine
14 Breakdown
15 Anastasia

One of his best songs. I'd put it up there with slither, sweet child, don't cry, fall to pieces and November rain. The live 2013 version on yt will blow your mind.


16 Patience (Live Era)

The patience live era solo is an improvised piece.
Just tells how good SLASH is to make that up.

17 Locomotive (Complicity)
18 Out Ta Get Me

This song is awesome, probably my 2nd favorite song and solo by slash, behind Nightrain

This song and solo is extremely underrated!

19 The Garden

The buildup to this solo is just completely amazing

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20 Black Or White
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